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Drugstore Cowboy

CastMatt Dillon, Kelly Lynch, James Le Gros, Heather Graham, Eric Hull, Max Perlich, James Remar, John Kelly,Grace Zabriskie, George Catalano, William S. Burroughs
Year released1989
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Bob: “I was once a shameless full-time dope fiend... It’s hard being a dope fiend...” (0:01)

Dianne asks Bob, who is injecting his arm, “Why do ya gotta fix in the car?”
Idiot, move over.”
Bob: “After any kind of drug haul everyone in the car indulged. I laughed at myself as I picture blues and Dilaudid in such great amounts that the spoon would literally be overflowing... the drug...” (0:06)

Close up of pharmaceuticals, syringe, cooking drug in a spoon, filtering through cotton into a needle, Rick injects into a vein.
Dianne: “Nadine, you can’t shoot no... blue.”
Nadine: “... even if I can’t shoot it all...”
Rick: “Nadine, just take your half of blue, shoot it...”
Bob injects Dianne. He says, “... pick up the drugs.”
Neighbor David, “... finally gone completely crazy...”
Bob: ”I was just thinking about going by your place to see if you had any speed.”
David: “I got some speed.”
Bob: “You say you got speed? What kinda speed you got?”
David: “I got crystal Methedrine.”
David displays packets of white powder. Bob samples it with his tongue, shares it with Rick. (0:08)

Bob tells Dianne, “This kid out here says he’s got speed.”
Dianne: “What do you want that... speed for?”
Bob: “Let’s get some speed. We’ll fix up...” (0:12)

Rick tells David, “How about some Valium, man... 60 Valium.”
David: “Have you guys got any blues?”
Rick: “Blues?... You know how hard it is to get blues these days, David. Now how about some morphine. I got some good old morphine.”
David: “What’d you get man, morphine sulfate? You’re crazy man... Besides I’m not trading no uptown crank...”
”So how many quarter... of that morphine are you gonna give me for this?”
Bob: “... nine quarters per...”
”How many bags of speed would you give me for this girl?”
Bob tells Dianne, “I’m hysterical.” (0:13)

Dianne buries drugs next to the house. (0:17)

Bob: “Dianne... going crazy or something?... What are you, on glue or something?... I bet they got coke... always... big time coke.”
Dianne: “You’re crazy Bob.” (0:17)

Detective Gentry tells Bob, “Looks like you’re hooked to the gills.”
”Diane, you haven’t hidden the drugs in some stupid place...” (0:19)

Bob’s mother tells Bob, “Dope fiend...” She quickly hides prescription bottles. “Never knowin’ when my baby’s dead... with an overdose. Shot by a mad pharmacist...”
”He is a thief and a dope fiend...” (0:22)

Anti-drug ad on television: “The last time I dropped acid I decided to make a self portrait.” (0:25)

Close up of drug paraphernalia on a table. Bob injects his arm.
Dianne: “Think of all the times... we had to score late...” (0:30)

An elderly neighbor lady tells Bob and Rick, “I know that I wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink if I thought some crazy sex maniac running around loose out there.” (0:33)

Bob: “The reason you can never get Bob Hughes for possession of narcotics is...” (0:34)

His partner asks Gentry, “Do you think it might be junk?” (0:35)

Bob asks Gentry, “... where all you gotta do is worry about the usual Saturday night drunks...”
Gentry: “You’re just a junkie that got one of my officers shot.” (0:39)

Close up of prescription bottles.
Bob: “Dianne got the narcotics together... so we could rendezvous with the drugs... Down the hole went the stash... before the drugs wore off... more stress and strain than we did just trying to stay high.” (0:40)

Bob tells the others, “Cocaine.”
”Powdered Dilaudid... powdered D.”
”... best... pharmaceutical dope money can buy.”
Rick: “Let’s shoot it.”
Rick injects his arm. (0:44)

Bob reads a label: “Demerol.” (0:51)

Rick finds Nadine dead on the floor. Bob finds a Dilaudid bottle next to her body. Bob tells Rick, “She left us with an OD’d stiff...” (0:53)

Bob examines a syringe. (0:57)

Bob tells Dianne, “Thinking about a... 21 day methadone program, cleaning up my hand.”
Dianne: “Well I’m not going on no withdrawal program...”
”Right out of the clear blue sky you say you’re gonna clean up your hand.” (1:04)

A drug counselor asks Bob, “Have you ever been on a maintenance or withdrawal program before?”
”How long have you been on drugs altogether?”
”Then this isn’t your first time withdrawing.”
Bob: “First time withdrawing on methadone.”
Sign: “Rehabilitation Center
Bob: “Lady, I’m a junkie. I like drugs... They don’t come down here and beg dope... they kick alone with nothing...”
Counselor: “Have you ever considered becoming a counselor and helping other addicts with their problems?”
Bob: “... nobody can talk a junkie out of using... Maybe it’s not dope... booze... glue... gasoline.” (1:11)

Tom the priest tells Bob, “There is no demand in the priesthood for elderly drug addicts... Are you holding?”
Bob: “They got me on... methadone.”
Tom: “... and sometimes I think some junkie nurse may be stepping on my medication... Want to score?”
Bob: “Benevolent Father Murphy, the most notorious dope fiend on the coast... I’ll bet he shot a million bucks in his arm.” (1:14)

Counseling group. Counselor: “... you’re gonna go to work loaded it’s gonna show, and being loaded’s like being drunk... You take a drink in the morning, you gotta get high in the morning... The more you use... find your own bottom.” (1:17)

Gentry tells Bob, “I hear you’re on the methadone program.” (1:18)

Bob asks another patient, “Where do they make drugs? The drug stores.” (1:20)

David: “You’re the one who wants to do the drugs.” (1:21)

Bob tells Tom, “Tom, you told me... your guard’d come by, he’d fire you up a shot of morphine.”
Tom: ”Narcotics have been systematically scapegoated and demonized. The idea that anyone can use drugs and escape a horrible fate is anathema to these idiots... right wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus... may not live to see a final solution to the drug problem.” (1:22)

Dianne asks Bob, “So how’s that methadone thing working out?”
Bob: “And then I panicked... going home, getting on the methadone program...”
”You know for all the boredom the straight life brings it’s not that bad.”
Dianne: ”You’re crazy Bob. You’re really crazy.” (1:24)

Tom pours drugs out of a bag. He tells Bob, “A hundred sixteenths of Dilaudid.”
He sets the bottle on his bible. (1:31)

A thug asks Bob, “We want your dope, man. Where’s the dope.”
Bob: “You think if I had dope I’d be sitting in this flea trap, huh? I’m on a methadone program. You’re comin’ around me for dope?”
”I’m goin’ straight man... I’m goin’ straight man.” (1:32)

Bob: “That’s why Nadine spiked herself... Most people don’t know how they’re gonna feel from one minute to the next, but a dope fiend has a pretty good idea.” (1:36)

Reference in Private Life (2018)

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