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Philip Baker Hall, Bill Cobbs, Carol Mansell
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Arthur Pratt empties prescription bottles into a tin, apparently preparing an overdose, before picking up a cremation urn containing the ashes of his wife. (0:02)

Arthur tells his son, "You died too young, Daniel... It was you mother’s dying wish to be with you here..."
Arthur dumps his wife’s ashes into the ground next to a plant. (0:06)

Arthur tells Joe the duck, "You’re in a really good mood." (0:17)

Arthur tells a nursing home administrator, "Uh, Medicare did not cover my wife’s expenses..." (0:24)

Worker, referring to Arthur: "He’s crazy."
”You’re crazy, mister.”(0:39)

The male technician tells Arthur, "The Psych Assessment Team."
Woman technician: ”Well, we’re actually the, uh, Psychiatric Evaluation Team, to be exact.”
Male: ”Have you experienced any recent trauma or head injury?”
The technicians administer what appears to be a Rorschach test. (0:41)

Homeless Norman tells Arthur, "Not to make you self-conscious."
Arthur: ”Sad, isn’t it, when self-consciousness becomes a bad thing.”
Norman: ”My injury was to my head.” (0:50)

Homeless Leopold asks Arthur, "What’s your diagnosis?"
”Clinic, 12 step, or pew... You’ve either got to snap, make amends, or repent. Personally, I’d go with AA. AA... have the best coffee and donuts.” (0:59)

Twelve step meeting: "Hey, my name’s Danny, and I’m an addict."
Leopold, referring to Arthur: ”Hey, I’m his sponsor here.” (1:01)

Arthur asks a man on a balcony, "You mean if we move, you’re gonna jump?"
, ”... you can always kill yourself later... you seemed a little ambivalent...”
Man: ”How would you take yourself out?”
Arthur: ”I might take some pills, or I might walk out into the sea.”
Man: ”... you’re not shocked and disgusted with me?”
Arthur: ”I’m never surprised at people who want to kill themselves.”
”I am afraid that by hurting yourself you’re gonna be hurting the wrong people.” (1:06)

The nail salon operator tells Arthur, "Oh, no worry." (1:15)
"I come here... after my husband, he die." (1:16)