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Adrien Brody, Milla Jovovich, Illeana Douglas, Vera Farmiga, Jessica Walter, Ron Leibman, Jared Harris, Mirabella Pisani, Helen Hanft, Richmond Hoxie
glue | Adolf Hitler
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Office worker Steven watches an old movie in which Edgar Bergen’s character tells Vicky, "I'm a little confused." (0:00)

His dummy asks Steven, "Are you a retard?" (0:05)

Steven's mother Fern tells his wedding planner sister Heidi, "You're probably just depressed dear."
His father Lou tells Heidi, referring to her fiance, "Drunk and disorderly, that's my boy."
Heidi asks Fern, "Why can't you get it into your head, he's a psychopath?" (0:07)

Rock singer Fanny tells her mother Mrs. Gurkel, "It's crazy."
Mrs. Gurkel: "You gotta come back and get my prescription!"
"You gotta get my prescription."
Fanny: "I'll get your prescription." (0:09)

Her client tells wedding planner Heidi "It's that stuff they play on Fiddler on the Roof." (0:12)

A client tells employment counselor Lorena, "I worked overtime like crazy."
Another client: "Oh, um, that would be for 'frotterzhing'." (0:12)

Michael tells Steven, "My drinking is completely under control. I've been seeing a shrink about my temper." (0:18)

Fern tells Heidi, "I just know what happens when you're depressed."
Heidi: "Mother, I'm not depressed."
Fern: "I know when I'm depressed I..."
Heidi: "Mother, stop telling me that I'm depressed." (0:20)

Fanny asks Steven, "Do you know how depressing that is? Do you think I don't wanna... slash my wrists when I think about that?" (0:20)

His dummy tells Steven, referring to Steven's grandma, "Yeah, 'cause she's the sanest one in this funny farm."
"You are a moron." (0:24)

His dummy tells Steven, "You idiot, you're supposed to..." (0:32)

Steven asks Fanny, "Yeah, but isn't this stalking?" (0:33)

Heidi tells Steven, "You look like a child molester."
Steven's dummy tells Heidi, "Your stalker gave it to him."
Steven tells Heidi, referring to Michael, "And that he's seeing a shrink."
Heidi: "Michael is seeing a shrink?"
"So what, he's stalking me now."
"He's stalking me." (0:35)

A policeman tells Steven, "Now I'm sure you're not a psycho..."
Lou asks Steven, "Are you sniffing my airplane glue, too?" (0:37)

His dummy tells Steven, "You're an idiot..." (0:39)

Steven's dummy asks Lorena, "So, you always meet your stalkers for coffee?"
Lorena: "It's just that my last relationship left me a bit shell shocked... a real stalker... I got a little bit freaked out." (0:44)

Lorena tells Steven about the death of her fiance, the father of her daughter, in a motor vehicle accident. (0:47)

Steven tells his dummy, "I'm very nervous tonight."(0:48)

Heidi tells Lorena, referring to Michael, "He just turned out to be a lunatic."
Fern: "Heidi has been a little depressed lately."
Heidi: "I'm not depressed."
"Well, why are you always saying that I'm depressed?" (0:52)

Fanny tells Steven, "I'm so psyched for tonight." (0:55)

His dummy tells Steven, "You're an idiot." (1:02)

Lou, referring to his model ship, "Hitler couldn't sink this baby." (1:06)

Mrs. Gurkel tells Fanny, "I need my prescription." (1:10)

Steven tells Michael, "... 'cause this is crazy."
Michael, referring to Heidi: "She'll just think I'm a psychopath.
"Heidi: "You are a psychopath."
Michael: "I've been seeing a shrink..." (1:19)

Steven tells Heidi, referring to Michael, "He's nuts."
His dummy tells Steven, referring to Lorena, "You should've kissed her, idiot." (1:24)