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Earth to Echo

Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt, Jason Gray-Stanford, Cassius Willis, Drake Kemper, Mary Pat Gleason, Tiffany Espensen, Myk Watford
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Tuck: “Phones all over our neighborhood are freaking out.” (0:04)

Tuck tells Alexa and Munch, “You could go to like some crazy headquarters...” (0:07)

Munch's mother asks Tuck and Alex, “Guys, would you please help my son with his room before I go crazy?” (0:12)

Munch tells Alex and Tuck, “This is crazy, what we’re doing.” (0:14)

Tuck asks Munch, "Will you stop freaking out?" (0:17)

Munch: "Don't look at me like I'm a hoarder." (0:20)

Munch: "Are you insane Tuck?"
"Are you crazy?"
"Are you insane?"
Tuck: "So a couple of seconds ago our phones went crazy, bananas, insane." (0:22)

Tuck: "That's insane." (0:27)

Tuck: "That is so crazy."
Munch: "It's just crazy, I mean it's just crazy." (0:33)

Alex tells Echo, "You know my ring tone, which is insane and awesome." (0:34)

Munch asks the boys' classmate Emma, "Crazy, right?" (0:39)

Emma tells the others, "She eats when she's stressed." (0:41)

Tuck, referring to Emma: "So this girl... It's like some creep stalker."
Munch: "She's crazy." (0:42)

Munch: "So can I do it, before it gets crazy?" (0:46)

Tuck tells Munch, "You can't just go running in acting crazy." (0:47)

Tuck tells Alex, "You're always freaking out if someone's going to leave you behind."
Emma: "Have you lost your mind?" (0:49)

Tuck tells Alex, "Just when I'm not freaked out about security guards, alright?" (0:51)

Emma tells Alex, "Tuck's gonna freak." (0:55)

Tuck: "This is, is insane."(1:14)

Tuck: "That's insane." (1:18)