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Easy Money (1983)

Rodney Dangerfield, Joe Pesci, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Candice Azzara, Jennifer Jason Leigh
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Joints drop out of Bobby Bunny. (0:02)

By telephone, Allison Capuletti tells someone, ”I’m so hung-up on you.”
Allison’s photographer father Montgomery “Monty” Capuletti tells her, "Don’t worry." (0:07)

Monty uses an eyelash curler as a roach clip. (0:07)

By telephone, his friend Nicholas “NIcky” Cerone tells Monty, "Hey, Monty, you got a short memory..." (0:08)

Monty smokes a joint. (0:22)

Monty tells Nicky, "You’re drunk."
Nicky: ”Don’t worry about it. I drive better when I’m drunk.”
”I lost my joint. Where’s my joint.” (0:24)

Monty’s wife Rose reacts to news of the death of her mother Kathleen Monahan. (0:42)

Monty reads the codicil to Kathleen’s will: "No drugs. No alcohol..." (0:44)

Monty tells the others, "I stopped smoking." (0:46)

Monty dumps joints from the Roach Motel. (0:49)

Monty tells his new neighbor Bill Joines, "I’m nervous enough this morning."
Bill: ”If you’re nervous, maybe you need a little smoke... a little ups, a little downs,..”
Monty: ”What are you talking to me about drugs for?”
Bill gives Monty some joints. (0:49)

Monty’s new son-in-law Julio Ocampo’s friend Hector tells Julio, "Tell her you’re thinking of killing yourself." (0:54)

Hector tells Julio, "Don’t worry about it." (0:59)

Monty finishes a client’s sentence: "... and my sympathy." (1:02)

Crazy Eddie commercial on television: "His prices are insane."
Television announcer: ”Now back to Lost Weekend.” (1:03)

Monty tells Rose, "I know how to pass out."
Monty, referring to doctors: ”They give you sleeping pills.”
Rose: ”You know what I do when I can’t sleep?”
Monty: ”What do people do when they’re not getting loaded?”
Rose: ”What you have to do is change your habits.” (1:04)

Nicky asks Monty, "What, are you cracking up?" (1:07)

One of his assistants tells Monahan’s Department Store executive Clive Barlow, "You can’t be this crazy." (1:13)

Monty tells Rose, "I’ll be at Louie’s, getting drunk." (1:20)

Monty: "I must have been nuts to do this."
Monty tells Julio, ”Look, I’m in no mood for you, in fact, there is no mood for you.” (1:20)

Doctor Vindaloo, referring to Monty: "How’s our patient today?"
Clive tells Monty: ”We put the clothes in the window, and the kids went crazy for it.” (1:21)

Monty tells Kathleen, "Hey Mom, that perfume is driving me crazy." (1:30)

Monty tells Nicky, referring to Kathleen, "I told her her perfume was driving me crazy." (1:31)