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Eden (2014)

Felix De Givry, Pauline Etienne, Hugo Conzelmann, Roman Kolinka, Vincent Macaigne, Greta Gerwig, Laura Smet, Golshifteh Farahani, Vincent Lacoste, Arnaud Azoulay
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | marijuana
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Girls’ voices: “So many cops it’s just crazy everywhere. At the same time, drug dealers are making their main drugs in vans...”
”Once we went to a really insane party...” (0:02)

Poster for The Silence of the Lambs on D.J. Paul’s apartment wall. (0:06)

Paul asks his artist friend Cyril, “You crazy?” (0:11)

His mother tells Paul, “There’s an article about ecstasy.”
”... causing degenerative diseases or depression among users. Some have insomnia...”
”A lot of your neurons must be totally fried.” (0:16)

Paul asks Louise, “Are you masochists?”
Louise: “You psycho!” (0:18)

His writer girlfriend Julia tells Paul, “La Dolce Vita is over.” (0:24)

Paul asks a girl, “Got the coke?”
Girl: ”Bernardo is mute.”
Paul snorts cocaine through a straw.
”You just snorted a ton.” (0:25)

Paul snorts cocaine from his hand. (0:35)

Paul asks a girl, “How can you get high all day?” (0:39)

Radio DJ, referring to Paul and Stan: “They’ll have you dancing and tripping.”
Paul: “It’s gentle and rousing, pretty hypnotic. It’s exactly what we like, between euphoria and melancholia.” (0:40)

Paul: “I’ll put in 1000 francs for your coke.”
”I don’t do a lot of drugs... and I don’t smoke joints all day like you overgrown teens.”
Paul’s friend: “Coke’s healthier.”
Man: “Save France with coke.” (0:43)

Paul: “Because you’re acting idiotic.”
Friend: “Us, idiotic?” (0:47)

Paul tells Louise, “You’re crazy to get me so horny.” (0:52)

Paul reads a letter from an academic adviser referring to his thesis: “... after trying to help you overcome your inhibitions...” (0:54)

Arnaud, referring to movie: “Better than Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”
Cyril: “You’re all crazy.” (0:55)

Margot: “I freak out at night as it is.”
Paul’s D.J. partner Stan: “Beats Arnaud’s hypochondria.” (1:07)

Julia tells Paul, “It’s crazy that you haven’t changed.” (1:11)

Stan tells Paul, “Cyril committed suicide...” (1:15)

Woman, referring to Cyril and his book, “I can’t believe he finished it just to kill himself.” (1:17)

Paul snorts cocaine. (1:18)

Louise tearfully tells Paul, “I keep thinking about Cyril.” (1:20)

Quentin snorts cocaine before sharing it with Arnaud.
Paul: “Got a small line for me?”
Paul snorts.
Man: “If drugs don’t agree with you, don’t do them.” (1:20)

Paul snorts cocaine. (1:26)

His mother calls Paul, “Idiot. At least you don’t do drugs.” (1:32)

Margot’s friend: “Lunatic.” (1:34)

Louise asks Paul, “And that girl who drove you crazy” (1:37)

A woman vocalist tells Paul, referring to her niece, “Anyway, she took a sleeping pill... but she had a panic attack while we were boarding.” (1:39)

Paul’s date Jasmin snorts cocaine. (1:43)

Jasmin: “Quentin, Paul’s drunk, and he’s acting crazy.” (1:46)

Paul snorts cocaine. (1:50)

Paul tells his mother, “I have a drug problem.”
Mother: “Drug? What drug?”
Paul: “Cocaine.” (1:56)

Arnaud tells Paul, “Now that I gave up joints I’m always sick.”
Paul: “I gave up coke.” (2:01)