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Educating Rita

Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Michael Williams, Maureen Lipman, Jeananne Crowley, Malcolm Douglas, Godfrey Quigley, Dearbhla Molloy, Patrick Daly, Kim Fortune
D. H. Lawrence | marijuana
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Student Collins ask Professor Frank Bryant, "Doctor, are you drunk?"
”Drunk? Of course I'm drunk. You don't expect me to teach this when I’m sober.” (0:03)

Prospective student Rita tells Frank, "Bleedin’ mad, you are." (0:11)

Rita tells Frank, "Because you're a crazy piss artist who wants to throw a student through the window." (0:14)

His friend and colleague Brian tells Frank, "Yes, well apparently you were a little drunk at your tutorial today."
Frank: ”No, I was a lot drunk.” (0:17)

Her husband Denny tells Rita, "You're a mad bitch, you are." (0:27)

Brian asks Frank's tutor girlfriend Elaine, "Is that why he's always four parts pissed?" (0:27)

Rita tells Frank, referring to her mother, "Something was worrying her." (0:50)

Rita tells her father,"If I was a wife of yours, I drowned meself." (0:53)

Her new flatmate Trish tells Rita, "This is madness." (1:07)

Student Tiger tells Rita (now Susan), "It's about Lawrence's early works." (1:13)

Susan tells Frank, referring to a student, "He was an idiot."
Referring to student Tiger: ”He's dead mad, you know.” (1:14)

Frank tell Susan, "Pissed is all right."
Susan: ”Well it's hardly fair if the lecturer is so pissed that he's falling off the platform.” (1:18)

Susan asks Frank, "Are you sober?"
”Good, because I want you to hear this when you're sober.”
Frank, referring to his poetry: ”There is more poetry in the telephone directory, and probably more insight.” (1:25)

Susan finds Trish unresponsive after an apparent suicide attempt by overdose. (1:31)

Tiger tells the bartender, referring to Frank, "He's just pissed, that's all." (1:32)

Susan: "Trish, you didn't really mean to kill yourself." (1:34)

Student Lesley shares a joint with her dance partner who passes it to Frank. (1:35)

Denny, referring to Susan: "Be on drugs and demonstrations next." (1:38)

Frank answers Susan: "Metaphorically."
Susan, referring to Trish: ”She tried to top herself... Spends half her life eating health food and whole food to make her live longer and the other half trying to kill herself.”
Frank, referring to the dress he gives her: ”I was rather pissed when I bought it.” (1:41)