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El Dorado

John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Charlene Holt, Paul Fix, Arthur Hunnicutt, Michele Carey, R.G. Armstrong, Ed Asner, Christopher George, Jim Davis
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Sign: "DRUG STORE" (0:02)

Maudie tells Sheriff J. P. Harrah, referring to hired gun Cole Thornton, "I met Cole right after my husband was killed." (0:07)

Rancher Capt. Kevin MacDonald tells Thornton, referring to Kevin’s son Luke, "He’s dead, ain’t he?"
Thronton implies Luke killed himself. (0:17)

Dr. Miller tells Harrah, "The smell of that chloroform was putting me to sleep." (0:21)

Hired gun Nelse McLeod tells Thornton, referring to Harrah, "He’s been drunk ever since."
Thornton: ”You figure to move in before he sobers up or before they get a new sheriff.” (0:34)

Alan Bourdillion “Mississippi” Traherne answers Thornton, referring to Harrah: "The look on your face when you heard he’d turned into a drunk." (0:41)

Maudie tells Thornton, referring to Harrah, "He’s not been sober since." (0:50)

Thornton tells Harrah, "I’m looking at a tin star with a drunk pinned on it."
Thornton strikes Harrah on the head, render him unconscious.
Thornton asks Bull Harris and Mississippi, “Either one of you know a fast way to sober a man up?”
Thornton knocks Harrah out again. (0:53)

Thornton tells Mississippi, "Don’t worry about us." (0:56)

Bull, referring to Harrah: "He’s still drunk." (0:57)

Thornton tells Harrah that McLeod told him, "All we had to worry about was a drunken sheriff." (1:02)

Thornton tells Harrah, "You just haven’t been sober enough to hear it." (1:06)

Harrah: "Look, Cole, I may be a drunk..." (1:16)

Harrah tells rancher Bart Jason, "It’s the same drunken sheriff..."
Harrah strikes him on the head. (1:21)

Harrah tells Thornton, "I just got away with it because I had a hangover... and too sick to worry about it."
Harrah, referring to Bull: ”Was there something wrong with that, or is it just my hangover” (1:24)

Harrah corrects Josephine “Joey” MacDonald: "Sober enough." (1:29)

Dr. Miller: "Sheriff, you’ve got nothing to worry about."
Dr. Donovan: ”You’ve got nothing to worry about, sheriff.” (1:36)

Harrah tells Thornton, "I’ve got the shakes so bad..." (1:38)

Jason’s foreman Jim Purvis strikes Mississippi on the head, rendering him unconscious. (1:45)

Maudie asks Thornton, "Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?" (1:52)

Maudie answers Thornton: "That this is crazy." (1:55)

Bull tells Harrah, "The shock would be too much. I’d sooner have you hung-over and nasty." (2:05)

Reference in Get Shorty