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Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

CastElaine Stritch, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, James Gandolfini, Cherry Jones, Nathan Lane, Harold Prince, John Turturro, George C. Wolfe
Year released2013
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Actress Elaine tells the waiter, “I’m an alcoholic. Recovered alcoholic. And I was sober for 24 years.” (0:09)

Actress Cherry Jones, referring to Elaine: “She’s just got that crazy directness that goes right through you.” (0:15)

Director George: “That pursuit can produce madness... a kind of narcissism...” (0:16)

Elaine: “I lost my speech.”
She imitates dysphasia. from diabetes out of control (0:28)

Elaine: “You’ve ever been to an AA meeting? I go to meetings mostly to keep my mind sharp, because it’s a great learning experience. It’s not all about not drinking.” (0:31)

Elaine’s friend Julie, referring to Elaine: “I was living in Sag Harbor, and I had decided that I had to stop drinking, so I went into an A.A. meeting. I walked into the meeting...”
”She is a Molotov cocktail of madness, sanity, and genius.”
”I don’t think I’d be sober if I’d never met her.” (0:31)

Elaine and her assistant read a letter from Woody Allen. (0:39)

Elaine tells music director Rob, “I hope I've got enough basic surety to celebrate the feeling kind of crazy, you know?” (0:53)

Elaine: “I’ve lost both my sisters.” (0:54)

Elaine tells the others, “I’m just cuckoo.” (1:00)

Elaine tells the audience, “And it’s practically left me out of my... mind.” (1:03)

Rob(?) by telephone tells director Chiemi that Elaine is “... basically just under sedation...” (1:05)

Elaine: “I stopped drinking for 22 years... I don’t want to get drunk.” (1:14)

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