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Elevator to the Gallows

Jeanne Moreau, Maurice Ronet, Georges Poujouly, Yori Bertin, Jean Wall, Elga Andersen, Sylviane Aisenstein, Micheline Bona
phenobarbital | Gardenal
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After Julien shoots his industrialist boss Simon he attempts to make it look like a suicide. (0:03)

Flower-seller Veronique tells her friend Louis, “What’s crazy is to imagine incredible things...” (0:13)

Julien tells himself, “What an idiot.” (0:14)

Simon’s wife, Julien’s lover, Florence, referring to the car salesman: “This idiot will drone on and on.” (0:19)

Florence tells Julien’s friend Christian, “You were a bit drunk.” (0:47)

Veronique: “Louis, are you crazy?” (0:50)

Veronique tells Louis, as she removes a medicine bottle from the cabinet, “We’ll fall asleep right away.”
Each of them swallows half of the tablets. (0:56)

Florence: “A whole night looking for Julien like a madwoman...” (0:57)

Florence: “I’m mad.” (1:02)

The assistant district attorney tells reporters, “As for the motive for this insane act, there are several.” (1:06)

The doorman tells detectives, “You police get crazy ideas.” (1:07)

The doorman tells detectives, “Looks like a suicide.” (1:11)

Julien tells a detective, “I think I was drunk.” (1:16)

Detective Cherier tells Julien, “Mr. Carala was found dead in his office. Suicide.” (1:19)

A board member of her husband’s firm tells Florence, “This suicide upsets me no end.” (1:19)

Florence tells Louis, “You don’t know what Gardenal is.” (1:23)

Florence tells the police by telephone, “He’s drugged, I said. He took Gardenal.” (1:26)