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Elmer Gantry

CastBurt Lancaster, Jean Simmons, Arthur Kennedy, Dean Jagger, Shirley Jones, Patti Page, Edward Andrews, John McIntire, Hugh Marlowe, Joe Maross, Philip Ober, Barry Kelley, Wendell Holmes, Dayton Lummis
Year released1960
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Store keeper Sam asks traveling salesman Elmer Gantry, “Say, how about the missionary, and the cannibals and the chorus girl, hmm?” (0:16)

Her manager Bill Morgan tells the revivalist, “Sharon, our advance man in Lincoln, Nebraska got drunk, and he’s disappeared.” (0:27)

Sister Sharon asks police Capt. Holt, “Do you enforce prohibition?” (0:33)

Elmer preaches, “I don’t know the first thing about... psychology... or any other -ology...” (0:38)

A janitor tells Elmer, “I’ve been converted five time: Billy Sunday... and twice by Sister Falconer. I get terrible drunk... Gettin’ drunk and gettin’ saved.” (0:40)

Elmer tells Sharon, “You’ve got me plumb hypnotized.”
Sharon: ”... I can hypnotize, because God chose me to do his work.” (0:42)

Reporter Jim asks Sharon, “Nervous about opening tomorrow night?” (1:00)

Protest sign: “REPEAL PROHIBITION” (1:10)

Jim dictates a news story: “There is not one law in any state of the union protecting the public from the hysterical onslaught of revivalists...” (1:15)

Morgan tells Rev. Planck, “There’s always a lunatic fringe...” (1:19)

Sharon tells Elmer, “I was crazy.”
Elmer: “You got me half crazy.”
”Just ecstasy...” (1:28)

Elmer tells the radio audience, “... we all know that Brutus was an anarchistic, alcoholic assassin.”
”Your streets are made unsafe by... insidious opium-smokers.” (1:33)

Elmer: “It’s been eight days since I gave you the addresses of... two cocaine peddlers, and 16 brothels...” (1:37)

Jim tells Elmer: ‘There is: prohibition.” (2:07)

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