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Elvira Madigan (1967)

Pia Degermark, Thommy Berggren
Spoiler alert
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Deserter Lt. Sixten Spoarre tells slackrope dancer Hedvig “Elvira Madigan” Jensen, "Don’t worry." (0:07)

Hedvig tells Siten, referring to an artist, "A cripple." (0:11)

Newspaper article, referring to Hedvig: "... she looked more like a spiritual vision than human flesh and blood." (0:22)

Hedvig tells Sixten’s friend Kristoffer, "I worry about the hand, the whole hand." (0:44)

Kristoffer tells Sixten, "Henrietta tried to kill herself. She tried to drown herself after she’d put the children to bed.." (0:45)

Hedvig tells a man, referring to the artist, "He was a cripple."
”A cripple’s work isn’t worth much.” (0:56)

Hedvig swoons. (1:19)

Off camera, Sixten shoots Hedvig then himself. (1:25)