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The English Patient

Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Naveen Andrews, Colin Firth, Julian Wadham, Jürgen Prochnow, Kevin Whately, Clive Merrison
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Nurse Hana grieves when she learns her lover Capt. McGann has been killed. (0:06)

Cartographer Count László suffers from amnesia after his plane crashes. (0:09)

Hana realizes nurse Jan has been killed. (0:12)

A soldier tells Hana, “It’s madness.”
Hana: “I need morphine.” (0:16)

Hana tells László, “That’s your morphine speaking.”
Hana: “Are you crazy?” (0:25)

Intelligence officer Moose purloins two vials of morphine. (0:31)

Cartographer Geoffrey tells his wife Katherine, “The team is in mourning darling.” (0:36)

Geoffrey asks László, “Are you mad?” (0:43)

Moose injects has arm with morphine from a syringe. (0:44, 2:04)

Hana tells László, referring to Sikh sapper Kip, “He thinks I’m mad because I laugh at him.” (0:46)

László tells Katherine, “There is the ghibli... which rolls and rolls and rolls and produces a rather strange nervous condition.” (1:00)

Katherine tells László, “I’m addicted.” (1:14)

Hana reads to László: “New lovers are nervous and tender.” (1:16) 

László tells Katherine, “Swoon.” Moments later she does. (1:18)

An officer tells Moose, “Old Madox went mad, you know.” (1:35) 

Peter tells László, “You’re completely blasted.” (1:46)

Kip grieves after he learns that Hardy was killed. (2:02)

Moose tells László, “You know he shot himself.”
”So you didn’t know Madox shot himself.”
László, referring to Geoffrey, ”He flew like a madman always.” Geoffrey crashes the plane, killing himself.”
Katherine asks László, ”Don’t you know you drove everybody mad?”
”Of course you idiot.” (2:05)

László tells a soldier, “I need morphine.” (2:16)

László finds Katherine dead. (2:26)

Katherine prepares morphine for László. He pushes more vials toward her to indicate he wants a lethal overdose. (2:29)