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Enter the Void

CastNathaniel Brown, Paz de la Huerta, Cyril Roy, Olly Alexander, Masato Tanno, Ed Spear, Emily Alyn Lind, Jesse Kuhn, Nobu Imai, Sara Stockbridge
Year released2009
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Stripper Linda asks her drug dealer brother Oscar, "Alex the junkie?"
”Alex is going to make you a junkie...”
”Alex is a... junkie...” (0:03)

Oscar, "Why did she say I’m a junkie? I know I’m not a junkie... I know I’m not a junkie."
Oscar removes powder from a plastic bag. “I know I’m not a junkie.”
Oscar insufflates from a pipe.
”His drugs taste like shit.”
”What if you faint? I’m not gonna faint.”
Psychedelic images and sounds repeat throughout the film. (0:04)

Oscar’s artist friend Alex lights a cigarette. Marijuana? (0:15)

Alex tells Oscar, "You’re tripping, man."
Oscar: ”I popped some tabs this morning and just took a hit of DMT before you came, actually.”
”Hey, do you think Bruno has anything stronger than DMT?”
Alex: ”... wait until you die, then you’ll get your big trip.”
Oscar: ”That book is still confusing to me.”
Alex, referring to death: ”... that’s when the whole thing turns into a bad trip...”
Oscar: ”What’s the bad trip?”
Alex: ”Well, the bad trip is, you get all these nightmares... You go, like, real crazy...”
”... they give you a vision of a possible future life...”
”You’re turning into a dealer.”
Oscar: ”I’m not turning into a dealer.”
”What are you, schizophrenic?”
Alex: ”... there’s a big difference between taking psychedelics and being a dealer...”
Oscar: ”I said I’m not a dealer.”
Alex: ”Man, you’re a dealer...”
”Have you heard of datura?”
”It’s crazy shit.”
Oscar: ”What’s datura?”
”... what’s a trip like on datura?”
Alex: ”You don’t even know you’re... tripping...” (0:17)

Oscar: "Alex is more of a junkie than me." (0:23)

Oscar: "I’m just tripping: Tripping, that’s what it is. It’s the DMT..." (0:25)

Linda learns of the death of Oscar. (0:44)

Young Oscar and Linda in the car when a collision kills their parents. (0:48)

Oscar tells Alex, "... life became like a nightmare."
Oscar: ”Yeah, that’s actually pretty insane. It’s like Tokyo on acid.”
”I’d rather be a drug dealer.”
Alex: ”... Good drugs are nice...” (0:51)

Oscar tells Victor’s mother Suzy, "My parents passed away a long time ago." (0:52)

Oscar asks Alex, "When is this acid gonna be hitting me?"
Alex: ”You know the good thing about LSD?... you can take your hallucinations wherever you want.” (0:54)

Oscar asks a woman, "Hey, do you take drugs?"
Woman: ”Drugs?”
Oscar: ”Yeah, do you take drugs?”
”Never once have you taken any drugs?”
Woman: ”But I like alcohol.”
Oscar: ”So you like alcohol then you like drugs.” (0:56)

A dealer asks Oscar, "What do you want, coke or X?"
Oscar: ”How much is coke?” (0:57)

Oscar helps the woman insufflate cocaine from a spoon. (0:57)

Oscar tells a man, referring to the drugs, "They’re really trippy." (0:58)

By telephone, Linda tells Oscar, "That’s crazy." (0:59)

Oscar answers Victor, "’E’s and acid, and I think I can get some DMT too."
”The guy’s so paranoid.” (0:59)

Alex tells Oscar, "The drug guy, he’s a dirty bastard..."
”Bruno, the guy that gave me drugs.” (1:00)

Alex asks drug dealer Bruno, "Do you have any LSD?"
Alex insufflates a drug.
Oscar asks Bruno, ”... do you have any DMT?”
Bruno: ”DMT?... You ever tried GHB?” (1:01)

Alex tells Oscar, "... DMT only lasts for six minutes... dying would be the ultimate trip..." (1:01)

Alex tells Oscar, referring to a book, "You should read that before you try DMT."
”Have you had a out-of-body experience?”
”I really freaked out... it’s... crazy...” (1:02)

Linda and Oscar watch the placement of their parents’ urns in a mortuary. (1:05)

Oscar tells Linda, "... I dreamt again of the accident." (1:06)

Oscar answers Linda, "It’s ecstasy."
”... it’s a drug.” (1:07)

Oscar: "You front me the money for the E. I take the risk of scoring and selling the stuff..."
”Who’s your dealer?” (1:09)

Oscar tells Linda, "That guy got you way too drunk."
Linda: ”Do you know that tomorrow is the anniversary of Mom and Dad’s death?” (1:09)

Linda tells Oscar, "I don’t have a mental age of five anymore." (1:12)

Oscar buys drugs from Bruno. Bruno tells Oscar, “... don’t look so nervous... So you want any coke? Any ice?”
Oscar: ”Do you have any DMT?”
Bruno’s friend insufflates a drug. (1:14)

Club manager Mario tells Oscar, "You’re selling the drugs to my girls." (1:15)

Oscar hides drugs in a stash. (1:16)

Bruno tells Oscar, "So I know you like MDMA, right?"
”You can worry about the price later... real trippy shit...”
”... Got you a little DMT.”
Bruno shows Oscar how to use DMT in the pipe. (1:20)

Suzy tells Oscar, "You’re... crazy." (1:21)

Victor takes a drug provided by Oscar. Enraged, he strikes Oscar on the head. (1:21)

Young Linda: "What’d you dream about, Oscar?" (1:23)

Oscar asks Linda, "You want to trip?" (1:24)

Linda identifies Oscar’s body in the morgue. (1:30)

Cremation of Oscar’s body (1:33)

By telephone, Linda tells someone, "Don’t worry, I’m burning his stash now." (1:35)

Mario asks Bruno, "So you mean I can’t get any coke from you?"
Bruno: ”No, I got rid of my entire stash.” (1:45)

Victor tells his father, "Oh, you idiot."
His father slaps Victor’s face. (1:46)

Alex’s roommate shares a marijuana cigarette with one of Linda’s coworkers. She shares it with Linda. (1:55)

Linda tells Mario, "I would’ve already committed suicide if I didn’t have this sensation that Oscar is somewhere around me." (2:00)

A man punches another man in the face. (2:04)

Linda tells Mario, "I had another dream where my brother resuscitated from the morgue."
Linda washes Oscar’s ashes down the drain. (2:08)

Linda asks Victor, "Why don’t you make yourself useful, and go kill yourself?"
”Why don’t you... kill yourself?”
”Go... kill yourself.”
Victor: ”... Oscar started dealing drugs because...”
Linda rages. (2:13)

Flashback to accident with parents’ deaths. (2:21)

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