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Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Emily Watson
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Dystopian leader Father: "It's symptom is hate. It's symptom is anger. It's symptom is rage. It's symptom is war. The disease is human emotion... At the cost of the dizzying highs of human emotion we have suppressed it's abysmal lows, and you as a society have embraced this cure: prozium." (0:09)

Preston injects himself with prozium. (0:11)

Preston tells Vice-Counsel DuPont, "I'm able on some level to sense how an offender thinks, put myself in their position." (0:12)

Preston tells Grammaton Partridge, "You've seen... rage." (0:17)

Brandt tells Preston, "I'm like you, cleric, intuitive." (0:18)

Father: "The later 20th century saw the fortuitous and simultaneous rise of two synergistic political and psychological sciences."(0:19)

His son Robbie tells Preston, referring to Preston's new partner Brandt, "I took the liberty of telling him you would be at Equilibrium replacing your dose."(0:24)

Preston asks Tetragrammaton Mary, "How long have you been off the dose?" (0:25)

Male voice: "Prozium, the great Nepenthe, opiate of our masses... It has delivered us from... the deepest chasms of melancholy and hate. With it we anesthetize grief... obliterate rage, that those sister impulses toward joy, love and elation are anesthetized in stride... for we embrace Prozium in its unifying fullness...  and thus we seek to correct, not the symptom, but the disease itself." (0:33)

Brandt tells a soldier, "This is the group that bombed the prozium factories." (0:37)

Brandt tells Preston, "The intuitive arts, cleric." (0:54)

Male voice: "Prozium for emotion..." (1:06)

Resistance leader Jurgen tells Preston, "Polygraph." (1:09)

DuPont tells Preston, "I've heard... a rumor... that one of... the cleric has secretly take it upon himself to cease his dose..." (1:12)

Mary asks Preston, "Aren't you gonna dose?" (1:16)

Jurgen tells Preston, "The instant word comes that the council is leaderless, bombs... will be set off at the prozium clinics..." (1:18)

Brandt, referring to Preston: "This... senior cleric has ceased the dose." (1:23)

Preston undergoes polygraph test. (1:30)