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Escape From Tomorrow

Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber, Katelynn Rodriguez, Jack Dalton, Danielle Safady, Annet Mahendru
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Jim experiences visual disturbances. (0:10, 0:49

Emily asks her husband Jim, “Did you black out again?... You didn't think Space Mountain would freak him out?” (0:22)

Jim tells Emily, "Yeah, it's crazy here today."
Emily: "This place is a madhouse." (0:37)

Emily asks Jim, "Why are you acting so paranoid?"
Jim: "I'm not acting paranoid." (0:45)

Emily experiences visual disturbances. (0:50)

Emily tells Jim, "I'm not a total idiot."
"No, you're drunk." (0:52)

Jim finds Sara apparently dead. He asks the witch woman, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:11)

Jim overdoses with vitamin C. (1:18)

Emily finds Jim dead. (1:21)