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Ray Romano, Jesse Bradford, Hank Azaria, Zooey Deschanel, Glenne Headly, Famke Janssen, Piper Laurie, Kelly Preston, Rip Torn, Debra Winger
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Kate learns her grandfather has died. (0:02)

Kate’s actor father Daniel learns his father has died. (0:04)

Ray learns that his father has died. (0:04)

Daniel tells Kate, “The asylum will be full.” (0:06)

Kate remembers her grandfather. (0:07)

Lucy’s partner Judy tells Lucy's mother Charlotte, “My dad died when I was eleven.” (0:18)

Attorney Skip’s twin sons act out suicide by miming pistol shots to the head: “Single bullet... to my left eye.”suicidal (Parents symptom | psychopathology) (0:23)

Lucy’s husband Burt stutters. (0:25, 0:42, 0:55)

Charlotte washes down a handful of capsules. (0:27)

Lucy asks her mother Alice, “How did she accidentally chuck a half a bottle of sleeping pills?” (0:28)

Skip tells Kate, “Hey, Elvis killed himself because someone was going to write a book about his underwear wrestling.” (0:29)

Daniel smokes a joint.
Kate: “Is that a joint?” (0:30)

Lucy tells nurse Samantha, “She was trying to kill herself.”
Samantha: “In fact after Scandinavians it is the over 70 crowd that’s the most suicidal.” (0:32)

Kate tells Daniel, “You're mourning.”
“You told me Mom was a social worker who died of caring too much.” (0:33)

The bereaved family shops for a casket.” (0:43)

Alice tells Lucy, “Look don't cast me in the role of crazed control freak.”
Charlotte jumps from the car as it crosses a bridge. (0:46)

Daniel rolls a joint. Judy and Lucy smoke a joint. (0:48)

Skip smokes a joint.
Judy, referring to granddad, “Good thing he didn't want us to eat him.” (0:51)

Most of the rest of the family watch Samantha make out with Alice in a car. (0:54)

Skip asks the others, “Remember Thanksgiving, and that crazy lady broke in the house?” (0:57)

Kate tells her friend Ryan, “It’s kind of, uh, crazy in there.” (0:59)

Samantha tells Charlotte, “I know you'd kill yourself if you missed your husband’s funeral.” (0:59)

The twins view their granddad Edmund’s body in his casket. Daniel and Skip do the same. (1:00)

Edmund in his farewell video: “Crazy life.” (1:06)

The twins prepare the casket on a boat. (1:07)

Daniel smokes a joint. (1:08)

Skip and the twins push the boat onto the lake. (1:10)

Alice and Daniel smoke a joint. (1:10)

Kate reads the eulogy. (1:15)

Edmund’s neighbor grieves. (1:19)