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Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Kristin Kreuk, Cathy Meils, Nial Iskhakov, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester, Matt Damon, Molly Schade, Jakki Degg
ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | Benzedrine | hashish | amphetamine
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Sign at high school graduation party: “Get wasted.” (0:06)

Graduate Cooper tells his friend Scotty, “There’s gotta be a hundred drunk girls here.” (0:06)

Scotty tells his younger brother Bert, “He sent me a picture retardo.”
Bert: “No, retardo...” (0:14)

Scotty tells Cooper, “No, you idiot.” (0:16)

Cooper tells Scotty, “I’m talking about crazy European sex.” (0:19)

Soccer fan Mad Maynard tells Scotty, “You got steamed up, pissed as a fart.” (0:25)

Cooper: “Let the crazy European sex odyssey begin.” (0:40)

Cooper: “This is the drug and sex capital of Europe!” (0:46)

His friend Jenny tells Scotty, “Hash brownies are totally legal here.” (0:48)

Jenny and Scotty appear intoxicated.

Scotty: “I’m freaking out... I’m freaking out... I am freaking out.”
“You sold us a bad batch of hash brownies.”
Rastafarian waiter: “These are not hash brownies.”
“We do not sell hash brownies.” (0:52)

Truck driver: “... I am wired on schnapps, Benzedrine, and those little chocolate covered peanuts.”
He washes down pills with schnapps. (0:56)

Man in Bratislava: “In winter it can get very depressing.” (0:59)

A waiter places a bottle labeled "ABSINTHE" on the bar.
Jenny’s twin brother Jamie: “It’s absinthe. Frommer’s says it’s illegal in the States because it makes you hallucinate and go crazy.”
Scotty: “Sober as a judge.”
Fairy: “This absinthe is bullshit.” (1:01)

Jenny tells the others. “We were really drunk. Things got a little crazy...” (1:05)

Jenny tells a Swiss Guard, “That guy in the orange jacket is mentally retarded.”
Cooper, referring to the guard: “What a retard.” (1:11)

Tour guide: “This is one crazy Pope.” (1:17)

The Swiss Guard tells Scotty, “You, and your retarded friend, you’re in big, big trouble.” (1:17)

Scotty tells his German friend Mieke, “I ate brownies with absolutely no drugs in them.” (1:19)

Jenny tells Cooper, “I thought I’d at least get to have some crazy European sex.” (1:20)