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Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Uma Thurman, Lorraine Bracco, Pat Morita, Angie Dickinson, Keanu Reeves, John Hurt, Rain Phoenix, Ed Begley Jr., Carol Kane, Sean Young, Crispin Glover, Roseanne Barr, Buck Henry
River Phoenix | William Burroughs | Vincent van Gogh | epinephrine | marijuana | peyote
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Narrator: “The surprise of Sissy Hankshaw is that she did not grow up a neurotic disaster.” (0:00)

Hitchhiker Sissy tells a driver, “When I’m really moving, moving so freely, so clearly, so delicately, that even the sex maniacs and the cops can only blink and let me pass...” (0:10)

William Burroughs: “Ominous.” (0:11)

Transvestite mogul of afeminine hygiene products company The Countess advises Sissy, “Try being born a male Russian Countess into a white, middle-class Baptist family in mississippi, and you’ll see what I mean.”

”But what I’m getting at is there comes a time when it is psychologically impossible for a woman to lose her virginity.” (0:11)

Julian has an asthma attack when he sees Sissy. Marie: “You know, asthma attacks are brought on by emotional stress... The excitement of meeting you must have upset his chemical balance or something.” (0:15)

Rupert tells the others, “Crazy Guggenheim has more style than that.” (0:17)

Rupert takes a vial marked Adrenaline from the medicine cabinet. He tells the others about “pills... to elevate moods...” (0:17)

Sissy reads from a newspaper: “The Food and Drug Administration...”
The Countess: “Grandiose...”(0:23)

Cowgirl Delores: “I’ve traveled through the Yucatan with the circus... when one night I at peyote and had a vision.” (0:28)

Cowgirl Bonanza Jellybeans tells Delores, “Someday, if that Sissy Hankshaw ever shows up here, I’m gonna teach her how to hypnotize a chicken. Did you know chickens are the easiest critter on earth to hypnotize?” (0:29)

A hippie van driver tells Sissy, referring to The Chink, “I mean we drove all the way from Minneapolis, and the crazy bastard tried to stone us to death.” (0:30)

Miss Adrian tells the others, “Those crazed bitches have led innocent women out and are slaughtering them at this moment.” (0:36)

Bonanza Jellybeans hypnotizes chickens. (0:43)

Bonanza Jellybeans tells Sissy, “Delores zonks out on peyote at least once a week.” (0:45)

The Chink lights a joint and shares it with Sissy. (0:56)

The surgeon tells Sissy the status of The Countess' traumatic brain injury. (1:01)

Dr. Dreyfus tells Sissy, “We all have our problems these days, but as the painter van Gogh said, ‘Mysteries remain, sorrow or melancholy remains’... I have retired, a victim of a malpractice suit... succumbing to my suppressed artistic drives...”
Sissy faints. (1:03)

Narrator: “There came a point when Delores felt compelled to get in her peyote wagon and leave the ranch.” (1:10)

The cowgirls together: “Peyote!”
Sissy: “They’re drugged?”
Bonanza Jellybean: “What do you mean, drugged?”
”The kind of food you eat, the kind of air you breathe, can change your mental state. Does that mean you’re drugged?”
”Drugged is a stupid word, but the peyote is obviously affecting their brains.”
Cowgirl Debbie: ”The way I see it the peyote mellowed them out, made them less uptight... Peyote has enlightened them.”
Bonanza Jellybean: “This here discussion is destined to become academic because we’ve got less than half a bag of peyote buttons left...”
Radio reporter, referring to Delores: “... having been arrested in Sisters with more than 50 pounds of peyote buttons.” (1:13)

Sissy tells Bonanza Jellybean, “My confusion becomes your confusion. Students confuse teachers. Patients confuse psychiatrists. Lovers with confused hearts confuse lovers with clear ones.” (1:17)

Delores tells the cowgirls, “The cranes and I will be sharing the last crumbs in the peyote sack.” (1:18)

Narrator: “Lost in a psychedelic trance, Delores... wandered... Peyote buttons sang in Delores’ brain like a choir... There the promise of the third vision was fulfilled.” (1:19)

Delores tells the cowgirls, “The peyote mother has promised a fourth vision.” (1:20)

Sissy grieves the death of Bonanza Jellybean. (1:25)