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Everlasting Moments

Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt, Jesper Christensen
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His friends bring stevedore Sigge home drunk. (0:04)

Temperance Society meeting: “And Sigfrid Larsson. He has been seen yet again intoxicated in public.” (0:10)

Sigge takes off his belt to beat his son Ville.
Ville's sister Maja comes to his defense: “Kalle said you were a drunkard, Father
Sigge beats Maja. (0:16)

Sigge drunk with friend at home. (0:17)

After she is shamed in class student Ingeborg walks out onto the ice. Maja tries to run after her, but stops when she realizes the ice is too thin. Ingeborg's lifeless body is brought home on a cart. Maja prays for forgiveness. Ingeborg's mother asks Maria to photograph the body. (0:48)

Sigge comes home drunk and continues drinking as he takes the family on horse and cart. He passes out. (0:59)

Sigge drinks. (1:20)

Sigge finds his friend Englund having hanged himself in the mill. (1:31)

We hear Sigge beating Maria off camera. (1:35)