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Eve's Bayou

Samuel L. Jackson, Lynn Whitfield, Debbi Morgan, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Jurnee Smollett, Meagan Good, Diahann Carroll, Lisa Nicole Carson, Branford Marsalis, Marcus Lyle Brown
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Narrator adult Eve: “Memory is a selection of images...” (0:00)

Eve’s mother Roz asks her sister-in-law Mozelle’s husband, “Harry, why do you always wait to do that when we drunk?” (0:03)

Roz asks her daughter Eve, “Are you sober?”
She asks her physician husband Louis, “You sober?” (0:13)

Harry tells Louis, “Look, I may be drunk...” (0:18)

Eve placing flowers on graves in a cemetery.” (0:20)

A man injects his arm with a syringe. (0:25)

Mozelle tells her client Hillary, “Your son’s on drugs.” (0:26)

Mozelle faints. (0:39)

Louis tells Roz, “Roz, you know I love my sister, but she’s not unfamiliar with the inside of a mental hospital.”
Louis’s daughter Cisely: ”Aunt Mozelle’s crazy.”
Cisely’s Gran Mere: ”She may be crazy, but them visions always come true.”
Louis: “I have patients to see.”
Cisely tells Roz, ”Keepin’ us in the house ‘cause Aunt Mozelle’s seein’ things.” (0:40)

Eve tells Mozelle, referring to Eve’s parents, “He never comes home, and it’s making her nervous.”
”She’s nervous ‘cause he’s messin’ with other women.” (0:48)

Roz tells Louis, referring to Cisely, “It’s like she went crazy.” (1:06)

Roz tells Louis, “She won’t eat. She won’t speak.” (1:09)

Louis tells Cisely, “This psychologist fellow, he seems to think...” (1:09)

Mozelle tells Eve, “Well go on and keep secrets if you want to.” (1:18)

Teacher Lenny’s wife Matty asks him, “You crazy?”
Louis tells Lenny, ”You’re drunk.”
Eve sees Lenny kill Louis. (1:30)

Memorial service for Louis. Family grieve. (1:32)

Eve reads a letter to Mozelle from Louis: “The first kiss was the sweetest kiss a daughter could give a drunk and guilt ridden father.” (1:39)

Narrator: “Memory is a selection of images.” (1:43)