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Ex Machina

Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson
Jackson Pollock | Alan Turing
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His employer’s CEO Nathan tells programmer Caleb, “I’ve got the mother of all... hangovers.”
”You’re freaked out.”
”You’re freaked out by the helicopter and the mountains and the house because it’s all so super cool, and you’re freaked out by me...” (0:06)

Nathan tells Caleb, referring to the windowless room, “It’s claustrophobic.”
”We can spend the next few days... getting drunk together...”
”Do you know what the Turing Test is?”
Caleb: “I know what the Turing Test is.” (0:08)

Caleb tells Nathan, “It’s just in the Turing Test the machine should be hidden from the examiner.” (0:16)

Nathan asks Caleb, “Ghostbusters?”
”Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters?” (0:22)

Caleb tells Nathan, “And I think being able to differentiate between those two is the Turing Test you want me to perform.” (0:25) 

Caleb tells Nathan, “It’s kind of non-autistic.” (0:34)

Nathan tells Caleb, referring to Nathan’s business competitors, “They were fixated on sucking it up and monetizing via shopping and social media.” (0:38)

Caleb tells Nathan, referring to a painting, “Jackson Pollack.”
Nathan: “Jackson Pollack... the drip painter.””What if Pollack had reversed the challenge?” (0:48)

Caleb asks Nathan, “Why would you randomly select an examiner for the Turing Test?” (0:54)

Nathan tells Caleb, “After a long day of Turing Tests you gotta unwind.” (0:58)

Caleb tells Nathan, “It’s because you’re drunk.”
Nathan: ”... being drunk makes it worse.” (0:59)

Robot Ava asks Caleb, “What’s your earliest memory?”
Caleb: ”You’re a walking lie detector...” (1:01)

Nathan recites: “In sleep, in confusion...” (1:07)

Caleb tells Ava, “I get Nathan blind drunk...” (1:16)

Nathan tells Caleb, “... time to hit the old detox.”
”Hey man, you wanna get wasted, you go right ahead...” (1:19)

Recording of Caleb: “I get Nathan blind drunk.” (1:24)

Nathan tells Caleb, referring to Ava, “To escape she’d have to use self-awareness... empathy, and she did.”
”So you were gonna get me drunk...”
Caleb: “... I already did those things when I got you drunk yesterday.” (1:25)