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Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Bobby Fite, Amanda Peterson, Jason Presson, Dana Ivey, Taliesin Jaffe, James Cromwell
River Phoenix | Marilyn Monroe
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Young Wolfgang tells his friend Ben, “It’s that sociopath Steve Jackson again.” (0:06)

Ben tells Wolfgang, “Oh Steve Jackson’s got elephantitis of the ego.” (0:07)

Darren tells Ben, “My mom died when I was a kid.” (0:11)

Darren tells Ben, “If I had a name like Wolfgang I think I’d kill myself.” (0:12)

Wolfgang tells Ben, “You are such an obsessive person, and that drives me crazy...” (0:20)

Wolfgang, referring to the sphere: “It’s going crazy.”

Wolfgang’s father Mr. Müller: “This is crazy.” (0:23)

Darren asks Ben, “Are you crazy?” (0:27)

Wolfgang, referring to Ben: “Idiotic.” (0:29)

Ben tells Wolfgang, “Don’t be so paranoid.”
Wolfgang asks Ben, “Are you nuts?”
”Are you crazy?” (0:40)

Darren tells Wolfgang, “You’re going to kill us, you idiot!” (0:46)

Darren: “The computer’s crazy.”
Wolfgang: “Okay, nobody panic.” (0:49)

Darren tells Wolfgang, “You idiot!” (0:52)

Helicopter deputy Charlie tells pilot Gordon by telephone, “All I know is this is driving me crazy.” (0:56)

Wolfgang calls Darren, “You pervert.” (1:04)

Wolfgang asks Ben, “Are you crazy?” (1:07)

Ben tells Darren, “You were in a trance or something.” (1:15)

Alien Neek, with the voice of Marilyn Monroe, asks Ben, “I never tire of looking at the stars. Do you?” (1:18)

Wolfgang tells Ben, referring to the aliens and television transmissions from earth, “They’re crazy about it.” (1:21)

Neek’s Alien brother Wak tells the boys about their need to avoid germs. (1:27)