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Face to Face (1976)

diazepam | Valium | nitrazepam | Mogadon | nicotine
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Psychiatrist Jenny meets with distracted patient Maria. (0:04)

Jenny tells her grandmother, “I’m filling in as chief psychiatrist.” (0:12)

Jenny appears terrified of an hallucinated(?) face of an older woman. (0:16, 1:03)

Jenny tells Dr. Wankel, “I’m getting nicotine poisoning.”
She tells him, referring to Maria, “We have discontinued all treatment.”
Wankel: “Jenny, you know as well as I that we can’t keep untreated patients here month after month.”
”Leaver her to me when you’ve given up and realized that it’s hopeless to cure her type of psychosis.”
”Dear Jenny, a crazy shrink once wrote: ‘Mental illnesses are mankind’s greatest scourge...’”
”Twenty years ago, I realized the unimaginable brutality of our methods and the complete failure of psychoanalysis.”
”I’m having lunch with the housing minister, an incurably normal neurotic...”
”He understands that this is a factory that must break even and would like to keep the lunatics moving through.”
”Tell her that my prognosis for you Mr. Stromberg is not good...” (0:17)

Doctor Tomas asks Jenny, “What other cures do you have for your anxiety?”

Jenny: “I want to know... how adventurous and impulsive you’ll allow me to be so that when I’m overcome by enthusiasm I don’t make you nervous.”
”Will it be... a nervous conversation about the next time and the exchange of phone numbers?” (0:30)

Jenny’s grandfather tells her grandmother, referring to their attorney, “He’s more senile than I am.” (0:37)

A man asks Jenny, referring to Maria, “Are you certain we’re the ones who drugged her?” (0:42)

Jenny, by telephone: “This is Dr. Isaksson at the psychiatric clinic.” (0:45)

Jenny asks Tomas, “Do you have any good sleeping pills?”
”A double dose of those sleeping pills.”
Tomas: “You shouldn’t drink if you’re going to take the sleeping pills. This is 0.5 mg Valium and two Mogadons.” (0:48)

Jenny: “At least the anxiety is gone.” (1:01)

Jenny washes down handfuls of an unidentified drug, emptying the bottle. (1:07)

Jenny: “I failed to commit suicide.”
Male voice: “Brain damage due to lack of oxygen.” (1:15)

Jenny’s grandmother: “Your patients have been waiting for hours.”
Jenny interacts with numerous patients waiting outside the door.
Jenny: “Grandpa, honey, I have to see to the other patients. It’s unusually busy during spring, because everybody goes crazy.”(1:22)

Male voice: “There are patients here that long for the right word.” (1:26)

Jenny tells a bereavement hallucination of her parents (or does she dream?), “It was so strange how suddenly you were gone. I saw you when you were dead. You were lying there in the morgue.”

Jenny tells her father, ”You were so sad and nervous.”
Jenny rages at her parents. (1:34)

Jenny tells Tomas, “You had nothing better to do on your vacation than watch over a confused suicide victim?”
Tomas: “I was so nervous about my debut that I farted at the same time I burped.” (1:40)

Jenny views her own body in a funeral parlor then watches as the coffin is nailed shut and burned. (1:43)

Jenny tells Tomas, “Before I got married, I lived with a crazy artist for a long time. Once, when he got really mad at me, he said, ‘Did you know that your frigidity is so complete that it interests me?’ I answered, ‘I’m only frigid with you.’”
”Eventually you do it unconsciously... Confusion... but inhibited... Most of all inhibited... Dad... was a bit of an alcoholic.” (1:48)

Jenny tells her daughter Anna, “I tried to kill myself.” (2:06)