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Factory Girl

Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Hayden Christensen
Edie Sedgwick | amitriptyline-chlordiazepoxide | Limbitrol | amphetamine | Benzedrine | dextroamphetamine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methamphetamine | Desoxyn | mixed amphetamine salts | Adderall
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Someone picks up a sign that says "no drug use." (0:12)

Edie talks about Silver Hill psychiatric hospital while we see brief scenes representing the inside of the facility. (0:15)

Talking by telephone to a woman who appears to be a nurse with whom she connected at Silver Hill, Edie says, "I want to die." (0:17)

Andy Warhol opens a bottle labeled "Limbitrol," cuts a tablet in half with a razor, and places it in his mouth. (0:18)

During a reference to Edie having undergone treatment at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, the first of many scenes in which she sounds as though she might be talking to a psychotherapist or counselor. (0:21, 0:32, 0:36, 0:43, 1:12) We only see the professional toward the end of the film. (1:31)

A woman injects a drug intramuscularly into her leg. She talks about taking "Adderall, disoxane [phonetic spelling of what may have represented Desoxyn], dextro methamphetamine." [Sic] Edie's friend Bridget says, "My parents had me doped up on those diet pills since I was 10." Edie says, "My parents plopped me on the 'benz' before I could drive." [Is this a play on words mixing names of the automobile manufacturer (Mercedes Benz) and the drug (Benzedrine)?] (0:37)

Edie is injected with an unidentified drug in her backside. (0:40)

Edie takes sugar cubes, presumably containing LSD, by mouth. (0:54)

Edie converses with a male character identified only as a musician but suggesting Bob Dylan. She tells him how her brother "hanged himself at Silver Hill." She said her other brother "Bobby ran his bike into a bus." (1:01)

Edie and the musician share a joint. (1:06)

A table in Edie's apartment holds a syringe and prescription bottles identified only with her name. (1:14)

A man injects Edie with heroin "to come down from speed." (1:17)

Max (?) injects Edie with an unidentified drug. (1:26)

We learn that Edie died from an overdose of drugs in 1970.

Edie implies strongly that her father may have sexually abused her during her childhood.