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Matt Dillon, Lili Taylor, Marisa Tomei, Fisher Stevens
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Writer Hank delivers ice to a bar. His boss fired him after discovering he has stayed there to drink. (0:02)

Hank drinking and/or smoking: in his room (0:05, 0:14, 0:16, 0:35, 1:20); with a friend in a bar (0:23); with girlfriend Jan in her apartment (0:26, 1:18); in a bar (0:40, 0:41); at girlfriend Laura's place (0:44); on Laura's friend Pierre's yacht (0:52)

A taxi company supervisor confronts Hank about lying on his job application: "You have 18 drunk and disorderly arrests and one for drunk driving." (0:18)

Hank buys Jan a drink in a bar. Both drink as they drive her car. (0:15)

Hank befriends an old black man who shares a drink with him in a day work office. The man says, "Ain't no women on skid row." (1:23)