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The Fairy

Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Philippe Martz, Lenny Martz, Christophe 'René' Philippe, Alexandre Xenakis
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"I'm Fiona. I'm a fairy." (0:07)

In her hospital room a nurse chases Fiona with a syringe and eventually injects her buttock. Fiona, sedated falls into bed. (0:38)

Fiona's abdomen appears to inflate to full term pregnancy in seconds. Pseudocyesis? (0:41)

Patients Dave and Bart play poker with Fiona using capsules as chips. (0:44)

Fiona munches capsules like snacks by the handful, then suddenly loses consciousness. (0:46)

Night clerk Dom arrives. A sign in front reads "Hospital." He attempts to arouse Fiona by walking her around her room. (0:47)

Doctor (to Dom/Fiona): "Have you taken your medication?"
Dom: "Yes"
Doctor: "Pass by my office and we'll change the dose."
Dave tries to elope but the nurse escorts him back. (0:53)

Fiona gives birth. Dom swoons. (0:58)

In her hospital room Fiona writes repeatedly on a blackboard: "Fairies don't exist." (1:27)