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Falling for Figaro

CastJoanna Lumley, Danielle Macdonald, Hugh Skinner
Year released2021
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Fund manager Millie Cantwell tells her significant other Charlie, "I was worried you wouldn’t be able to connect..." (0:03)

Charlie tells Millie, "You’ve been having a bad reaction to the pills you’ve been taking.”
Antidepressants or whatever." 
Millie: ”I’m not depressed.” 
Charlie: ”The whole world’s depressed.” (0:06)

Charlie tells Millie, “Get you in some leather, a bit of S & M.”
Millie: "Don’t worry about it..." (0:08)

Paricia Hartley tells Millie, referring to voice teacher Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop, "... Most of her students are now in psychiatric care... Don’t worry... She’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet." (0:10)

Charlie tells Millie, "Talk to your therapist." 
Millie: ”I don’t have a therapist.” (0:15)

Meghan tells Millie, "I would absolutely hate to think that you were impatient and had an obnoxious sense of entitlement... Am I making you nervous? I said, am I making you nervous...?" 
”No, I’m not making you nervous, or...?” 
”So I am making you nervous.” (0:26)

Meghan tells her student Max Thistlewaite, "Well, that was incredibly mature. That was so mature of you, so unbelievably mature, that I’m thinking of creating a certificate of maturity... so I’ve got something... to hit you around the head with." 
”Oh shut up, you idiot.” (0:29)

Meghan tells Millie, "... supposedly I’m mad, the mad diva of Drumbuchan." 
”... no drugs...”
”No alcohol...” 
”It weakens the resistance to distractions.” 
Meghan: ”More fool you.” (0:30)

Millie tells Max, referring to Meghan, "She’s a... sadist." (0:36)

Pub owner Ramsay McFadyen, "You’re behaving like an angry old diva." (0:37)

Max tells Millie, "Pfeiffer argues that breathing should not be conscious and voluntary, but unconscious and involuntary." (0:40)

Meghan tells Max, "... You’d do well... crooning your way around a bunch of senile old deaf people..." (0:42)

Ramsay reads to Meghan from a newspaper, referring to Max’s singing: "... a lack of the emotional depth needed for an aria so full of erotic passion..." (0:55)

Max tells Millie, "In the meantime we should behave professionally." 
Max: ”Don't get too emotional.” (0:58)

By telephone, Charlie tells Millie, "... Don’t worry..." (0:59)

Charlie tells Millie, "I’ve never felt more proud..." (1:02)

Millie tells Max, referring to Meghan, “She has this thing about visitors and other distractions.”
Max: "... Don’t worry." 
”That sounds like a personality disorder.” 
Millie: ”It’s not a personality disorder.” (1:06)

Meghan asks Millie, "Do you manage somehow to go into deep meditative trance...?" (1:09)

Meghan tells Millie, "You need to learn to control your emotions." (1:10)

Max tells Millie, "We shouldn’t worry about Meghan right now." 
Millie: ”... every love affair is accompanied by pain and betrayal.” (1:12)

Millie tells Max, "I’m really confused... about a lot of things... The one thing I’m not confused about..." (1:15)

Singer Rosa Pattullo experiences performance anxiety. (1:20)

Meghan tells Max, "... you sing ecstatically of your accomplishments, your pride in who you are..." (1:28)

Charlie tells Millie, "I can see how nervous you are." 
”... If you didn’t stand a chance, you wouldn’t be nervous.” 
”I can see now why you don’t need a therapist.” (1:31)

Charlie tells Millie, "... Don’t worry." (1:34)

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