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Irene Cara, Eddie Barth, Lee Curreri, Paul McCrane, Laura Dean, Gene Anthony Ray, Antonia Franceschi, Boyd Gaines, Anne Meara, Albert Hague, Teresa Hughes, Steve Inwood, Barry Miller, Jim Moody, Debbie Allen, Richard Belzer, Isaac Mizrahi, Meg Tilly
Marilyn Monroe | Freddie Prinze | cocaine | marijuana | methaqualone | Quaalude
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Student Montgomery auditions for drama: “Isn’t that crazy?... Every time I walk into that barracks, I get a kind of... a depressed feeling.”
”I guess I’m nervous.” Performance anxiety? (0:01)

Student auditioning for dance: “I’m so nervous.”
Student Lisa: ”I’m just so nervous.” (0:04)

Doris, auditioning, tells teacher Keith, “I’m a little nervous.” (0:09)

Sheila, auditioning: “I’m doing The Towering Inferno.” (0:09)

Montgomery tells drama student Doris, referring to his actress mother, “Sends all her per diems home to me and Dr. Goldman.”
”My analyst.” (0:32)

Montgomery tells Doris, “I think it’s a nervous habit.”
Student Ralph asks Montgomery, ”Seen your shrink lately?” (0:39)

Starting Over” plays in Times Square. (0:46)

Dancing student Lisa tells dancing student Hillary, referring to dancing, “And I just got hooked on it.” (0:55)

Montgomery tells Doris, “Like, I used to wet my bed.”
Doris: “Well, I mean, everybody falls in love with their analyst.” (0:57)

Bruno, referring to his cabdriver father, “That lunatic stole my tape.”
Bruno tells his father, ”You’ve lost your mind. You’re crazy.” (1:00)

Montgomery addresses his class: “So finally my analyst leveled with me.” (1:03)

Montgomery: “Hey Doris, you want to go to The Rocky Horror Show tomorrow night?”
Ralph in drag.
Ralph tells Doris, “You know... paranoid.” (1:04)

Ralph performs for drama class: “It was snowing like crazy... He said that Freddie Prinze put a gun to his head, and he killed himself... they had to say that he was depressed, and he was... suicidal...” (1:08)

Lisa appears ready to jump in front of a train. (1:16)

Coco tells the others, “Better she realizes it now than OD in some hotel room at thirty.” (1:16)

Ralph comforts his youngest sister in church while the older of the sisters, there with their mother, tells him about a “... junkie...”
Ralph tells his mother, ”You’re crazy.” (1:29)

Ralph tells Doris and Montgomery about “I’m talkin’ about real rats, the junkies and winos...” (1:32)

M.C.: “Alright, we’d like to welcome everyone here to The Rocky Horror Picture Show here at the 8th St. Playhouse.”
Ralph lights a joint and offers it to Doris. (1:37)

The audience comments as The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays. (1:40)

Doris tells Montgomery, “I got stoned.”
Montgomery: “To schizophrenia.” (1:43)

M.C. at Catch a Rising Star mentions “Freddie Prinze.” (1:45)

Ralph performs: “I want to be an ex-junkie, man... You can’t drive because of the dreams on the streets being seen by cokeheads.”
He imitates snorting cocaine.” (1:47)

Ralph tells Doris, referring to performing, “That beats dope.” (1:48)

Dance student Hillary tells a nurse, “You see, I’ve always had this crazy dream of dancing all the classical roles before I’m 21.” (1:49)

Sleazy filmmaker François tells Coco, “Monroe did...” (1:57)

Doris tells Ralph, “You’re doing this for some image, for Freddie because he did it.”
”You’re full of rage and pain and love.”
Ralph: “... you’re... talking to me about rage and pain...” (2:00)

Ralph tells Montgomery, “You know the weirdest thing is Freddie... pocket full of Quaaludes...”

“Know something else about Freddie? Freddie didn’t even want to be Freddie.” (2:04)