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The Family That Preys

CastKathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji P. Henson, Cole Hauser, Rockmond Dunbar, KaDee Strickland, Tyler Perry, Robin Givens, Kaira Whitehead
Year released2008
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His construction worker brother Ben tells construction worker groom Chris, “Man, I’m nervous.”
Ben: ”You’re just gettin’ nervous, okay.” (0:05)

Ben’s restaurant worker wife Pam, referring to her finance executive sister, tells Ben, “Andrea, she... she’s drivin’ me crazy.” (0:06)

Chris tells Ben, referring to Ben’s wife Andrea, “She keeps freaking out on me.”
Ben: ”You know she’s gonna freak out.”
Chris: “We know way more than that idiot foreman of ours.”
Ben: ”You wacko.” (0:10)

Pam tells her cafe owner mother Alice, referring to homeless Nick, “He’s obviously crazy.”
Alice: “His wife died. He lost custody of his kids.” (0:12)

Alice tells wealthy socialite Charlotte, “And there’s a whole bunch of fools... don’t need me to add to the confusion.” (0:22)

Andrea tells Chris, referring to Charlotte’s business executive son William, “He can carry on a conversation with the business world without stuttering.” (0:44)

Alice tells Charlotte, “I must admit though, at first I thought you had lost your mind, but this is fun.”
Charlotte, referring to William: “Four years at Harvard and three years in rehab.” (0:53)

Charlotte tells bar patron Sam, “I’m Thelma and this is my friend Louise.” (1:02)

Charlotte tells Alice, “I have early onset Alzheimer’s.” (1:17)

Chris tells Andrea, “You’ve been making me feel like the whole time that this is my fault, that I’m the one that’s crazy...” (1:23)

Charlotte tells William, “Nick was one of the most powerful stockbrokers in this company until your little ego let him go.” (1:34)

Charlotte takes handfuls of prescription bottles from the medicine chest. (1:37)

Alice: “When Charlotte died, it brought a lot of hurt... It’s funny what your mind goes back to when you’re grievin’.” She cries (1:38) 

Burial. (1:39)

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