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Fanny (2013)

Daniel Auteuil, Victoire Bélézy, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Raphaël Personnaz, Marie-Anne Chazel, Nicolas Vaude, Daniel Russo, Ariane Ascaride
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Counterpart of Marius

A woman tells widower Panisse, referring to Fanny and Fanny’s seaman lover, “She fainted because Marius has gone to sea.” (0:03)

Marius’ bar owner father César tells Panisse, referring to Fanny, “In a fit of madness you proposed to her.”
Fanny’s mother Norine tells César, ”Now tell me why you made her faint.”
César: ”She fainted for joy.”
Fanny, referring to César’s son Marius, ”They obsessed him.” (0:04)

Panisse, referring to César: “No, he won’t die Mr. Brun, but he’ll go mental.” (0:16)

Fanny tells Panisse, “Mother will panic.” (0:20)

César tells Fanny, referring to Marius, “I think of you all day long, idiot.”
Fanny reads the letter from Marius: “I can’t describe how the madness came over me.”
César: ”Madness is the word alright.”
”You’ll drive us mad with worry.”
”Everything is well here, apart from the rage that has been with me ever since you left.” (0:21)

Norine tells her sister Claudine, referring to Fanny, “My God, she’s fainting now.”
Claudine: “If she faints, you sob, when she’s better you start again!”
Norine, referring to March: “The month of the mad.”
Referring to Fanny, ”She must be mad.”
Norine tells Claudine, “You dream of having children, but when you do they drive you crazy.” (0:37)

Fanny tells Panisse, “And I’ve lost the right to take my life.” (0:46)

César tells Panisse, “Don’t abuse of these women’s craziness.”
”You daft idiot.”
Panisse tells Fanny, referring to Panisse, “Let the idiot go.”
César: “You’re out of your minds.” (0:50)

Panisse tells César, “She’s up there suffering, and we’re here like blithering idiots.” (1:05)

Norine tells Fanny, referring to Fanny’s baby, “When he’s pale, the two of you panic...” (1:13)

César: “Marius, we’ve had them all in this family: pirates, customs officers, smugglers, imbeciles, and even simple bar owners like me.” (1:25)

Marius tells Panisse, “I did a mad thing two years ago.” (1:38)