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Far from Heaven

Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert, Patricia Clarkson, James Rebhorn, Celia Weston, Viola Davis, Bette Henritze, Michael Gaston
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Homemaker Cathy tells her business executive husband Frank, referring to the police, “They said something, intoxication level...” (0:07)

Gardener Raymond tells Cathy, referring to his father Otis, “Yes, well, my father’s passed away, I’m afraid.” (0:11)

Frank looks at the theater marquis: “Three Faces of Eve,” “Miracle in the Rain” (0:14)

Frank meets with psychiatrist Dr. Bowman. Bowman tells Frank, “... but for those who do seek treatment, who possess the will and desire to lead a normal life, there still remains only a scant 5% to 30% rate of success, for complete hetrosexual conversion.”
Frank: ”What is it comprised of, the treatment?”
Bowman: ”The treatment’s usually comprised of consists of psychiatric sessions twice a week, sometimes more.”
”Electroshock aversion therapy for instance or hormonal rebalancing procedures.”
Frank: ”I want to begin treatment.” (0:29)

Cathy’s friend Eleanor: “Cathleen Whitaker and her kindness to homosexuals.” (0:35)

Eleanor tells Cathy, “Frank, I’ve never seen him so soused.” (0:45)

Theater marquis: “Hilda Crane,” “The Bold and the Brave” (1:10)

Cathy: “Eleanor I know it’s ridiculous and mad...” (1:27)