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Fat Kid Rules the World

Jacob Wysocki, Matt O'Leary, Lili Simmons, Dylan Arnold, Billy Campbell, Tyler Trerise, Russell Hodgkinson, Sean Donavan, Julian Gavilanes, Jeffrey Doornbos
oxycodone | OxyContin | OxyContin (reformulation)
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Troy, appearing depressed, steps in front of an oncoming bus, first as a fantasy, then for real, but musician Marcus pushes him out of the way at the last moment.
Marcus: "If you want to kill yourself now wait 'til you piss me off." (0:01)

Marcus tells Troy, "This place is crazy..." (0:07)

Marcus shows Troy a pill bottle. (0:19)

A friend asks Marcus, "Are you crazy?" (0:12)

Marcus tells Troy, referring to Troy's bedroom, "It's depressing." (0:22)

Troy's security guard father Mr. Billings tells Troy, "You're aware, are you not, that Marcus is a junkie." (0:26)

Marcus' step-father tells Troy, "If you happen to run into Marcus, say, uh, selling his mother's Oxy, ..." (0:29)

Marcus: "Get me some free Oxy, please." (0:30)

Mr. Billings asks Troy, "Did you use drugs?"
"Did Marcus use drugs?"
"I know it was hard on you losing Mom." (0:36)

Sign: "School Psychologist" (0:38)

Mr. Billings: "Are you high right now Marcus?"
"If there is any drug use..." (0:44)

Student Isabel tells Troy, "Marcus is so self-destructive."
Troy: "Sometimes I feel sefl-destructive too." (0:48)

Isabel tells Troy, "You know I've actually been to the school psychiatrist before once. I used to cut the insides of my wrist with a Swiss Army knife."
"My friend... she's crazy." (0:51)

Marcus searches a medicine cabinet for drugs. (0:52)

Marcus searches a medicine cabinet again. (1:02)

Troy panics. Performance anxiety? (1:08)

Troy rages. (1:11)

His brother Dayle tells Troy, "On my run I saw your homo friend pimping his ass in Volunteer Park for drugs." (1:13)

Marcus tells Troy, "I thought you killed yourself."
Marcus snorts a drug then passes out. (1:14)

Dayle tells Troy how he experienced their mother's death. (1:17)

Mr. Billings tells Troy, referring to Marcus, "It was an OD, and he has pneumonia."
"As soon as they heard it's drug related..." (1:19)

Marcus tells Troy, "I've had 15 hits of Oxy man." (1:22)

Mr. Billings asks Troy, referring to Marcus, "He's stealing drugs?... but these are stolen narcotics." (1:23)

Marcus tells Troy, "You were just going to kill yourself... jump in front of a bus..." (1:25)

Dayle tells Mr. Billings, "This is insane." (1:28)

Mr. Billings tells Marcus, "You are going to rehab." (1:29)

Marcus tells the audience he's "straight from the psych ward..." (1:32)