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Fatal Attraction

CastMichael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Ellen Hamilton Latzen, Stuart Pankin, Ellen Foley, Fred Gwynne, Meg Mundy, Tom Brennan, Lois Smith, Mike Nussbaum, J.J. Johnston, Michael Arkin, Sam Coppola, Eunice Prewitt, Jane Krakowski, Carol Schneider, James Eckhouse, Vladimir Skomarovsky
Year released1987
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Editor Alex tells attorney Dan, “My father died of a heart attack... right in front of me.” (0:27)

Dan tells Alex, referring to the opera Madama Butterfly, “But in the final act, after he left her, my father told me she was going to kill herself...” (0:29)

Dan tells Alex, “That’s crazy.” (0:33)

After announcing his intent to leave her Dan sees blood on Alex’s hands then realizes she has cut her wrists. (0:35)

Dan tells the others about a self help book that “... tells you how to deal with the anxieties of your friends as you move up the corporate ladder... not to coddle your friends’ anxiety...” (0:53)

Dan tells Alex, “You need a shrink.” (0:56)

Dan tells Alex, “This is totally insane.” (0:59)

Dan asks his wife Beth, “Get you some more painkillers?” (1:48)

Finding her in Dan's house, and apparently deluded, Alex asks Beth, “What are you doing here?”<br />Alex cuts her leg with a kitchen knife, apparently without feeling pain. (1:50)

Alex's moods can vacillate between passion and hostility. She meets several criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder, but we see only her behaviors after meeting Dan. To make a valid personality disorder diagnosis we would need evidence of traits throughout her adult life. Frequent characterization of her as Borderline may also reflect unfortunate pejorative use of the diagnosis. Although her stalking and other behaviors may arise from her obsession with Dan, and we see only a little evidence that she believes he loves her, erotomania might fit best.

References in 2 Days in Paris, Bridget Jones DiaryFour Weddings and a Funeral, Hope Springs, Life of the PartySleepless in Seattle

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