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Father of My Children

Cast:Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Chiara Caselli, Alice de Lencquesaing, Alice Gautier, Manelle Driss, Eric Elmosnino, Sandrine Dumas, Dominique Frot, Antoine Mathieu, Igor Hansen Love, Olivia Ross
Humbert Balsan
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Le Père de mes enfants

Film producer Grégoire's daughter Valentine: "Crazy, isn't it?"
Grégoire: "What's crazy?" (0:10)

His daughter Clémence tells Grégoire, "But I'm not in a good mood." (0:12)

Grégoire tells his wife Sylvia, "Last week a crew member committed suicide. Hanged himself." (0:16)

Grégoire tells his accountant Frédéric, "Maybe I'll jump out a window." (0:21)

Grégoire tells someone in a phone conversation, referring to film director Stig, "Get him drunk... till he passes out."(0:23)

His producer friend Serge asks Gregoire, referring to Stig "Are you a masochist?"
"He's a psychopath." (0:25)

Production director Bérénice tells Grégoire, "He goes crazy after." (0:27)

Production assistant Valérie tells Grégoire, "I kill myself here." (0:43)

Grégoire shoots himself in the head with his pistol. (0:52)

Grégoire's friends and family grieve, comfort one another. (0:53)

Serge holds a note that reads, "The Canvel family mourns the death of Grégoire..." (0:56)

Sylvia tells Valérie, "I think he did it in a moment of madness." (0:57)

Clémence overhears diners in a cafe: "It's not why he killed himself." (1:09)

Clémence reads a letter addressed to Sylvia, from Grégoire, referring to the his father: "He says he hears noises in his head." (1:14)

Clémence reads a letter to Grégoire from his son's mother Isabelle, referring to their son Moune: "They suggest a child psychiatrist." (1:21)

Serge tells the Canvel girls, referring to Sylvia, "Listen to that crazy Italian." (1:40)

Inspired by the life story of Humbert Balsan.