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Fear of Fear

Margit Carstensen, Ulrich Faulhaber, Brigitte Mira, Irm Hermann, Armin Meier, Adrian Hoven, Kurt Raab, Ingrid Caven, Lilo Pempeit, Helga Maerthesheimer, Herbert Steinmetz, Hark Bohm, Constanze Haas
diazepam | Valium | ethyl alcohol
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Student Kurt tells his pregnant wife Margot, “Everybody goes crazy on Friday.” (0:00)

Margot tells Kurt, “I’m hysterical. I’m hysterical because I’m pregnant. Tell me I’m being hysterical, please.” (0:07)

Margot: “I’m going insane. I’m going crazy.”
”What’ll become of my kids if I go crazy. Heavens, I had two kids, and I’m going insane.”
Kurt: “Have you gone crazy?” (0:11)

Dr. Auer tells Margot, “I’ll give you a tranquilizer.” (0:14)

As Margot looks at a diagram of the “nervous system.”
Dr. Auer stamps a prescription for Valium.”
Auer: “Sometimes the autonomic nervous system acts up... I’ve prescribed you some Valium.” (0:16)

Margot tells her daughter Bibi, “Mr. Bauer’s sick in the head.” (0:22)

Kurt tells Margot, “Karl said you swim every day, tearing along like a madwoman.”
”You can imagine what they say with you swimming like a madwoman every day.”
”You should take the pills Dr. Auer prescribed.” (0:27)

Margot tells pharmacist Dr. Merck, “I need some Valium.”
Merck: “I can’t give you Valium without a prescription.”
Margot: “You know Dr. Auer prescribes it.”
Merck: ”I’ll give you the Valium.” (0:37)

Bottle labeled “Valium 10” (0:39)

Margot: “Alcohol is what I need, alcohol, and nothing more.”
Margot tells her sister-in-law Lore, ”I’m drunk.” (0:51)

Margot tells Merck, “I’m afraid I’m going crazy.” (0:58)

Margot impulsively cuts her wrist with glass from a broken bottle. Suicide attempt? (1:01)

Margot tells Kurt, referring to Dr. Rozenbaum, “He thinks I wanted to kill myself.” (1:09)

Kurt, handing Margot some pills: “Hear, dear, your Valium, so you’ll sleep.” (1:10)

Kurt tells his family, referring to the doctor’s diagnosis of Margot, “He said schizophrenia.”
Lore: “She’s crazy?”
Kurt’s mother: “Well, always taking Valium, and everything else.” (1:12)

Margot takes more pills from a bottle marked “Valium 10.”
She drinks from a bottle she takes from the liquor cabinet. (1:15)

In a psychiatric hospital patient Edda asks a nurse attending to Margot, “When will she be finished... her sleeping therapy?” (1:19)

Psychiatrist Dr. von Unruh, “The sleeping therapy helped, didn’t it?” (1:19)

Margot tells herself in the mirror, “I have a deep depression and need my pills to pull out of it.” (1:19)

Dr. von Unruh tells Kurt, “There’s no indication of schizophrenia. Your wife is deeply depressed, but we can treat that with drugs. Really, there’s no sign of schizophrenia.” (1:21)

Dr. von Unruh tells Margot, “It’s true you’re slightly depressive, but we can treat that with drugs and psychogenic training. You mustn’t be afraid you’ll go insane...”
Is "psychogenic training" a mistranslation of psychotherapy or a different treatment, possibly fictional? (1:22)

Kurt’s brother Karli tells Margot, “That Mr. Bauer, you know, he killed himself, hung himself.” (1:25)