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Female Perversions

Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan, Karen Sillas, Frances Fisher, Clancy Brown, Laila Robins, John Diehl,Paulina Porizkova, Dale Shuger, Sandy Martin, Marcia Cross
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Attorney Eve sees rolling subtitles on a television in a store window display: “... perversion keeps despair, anxiety, and depression at bay." (0:06)

Eve reacts to a voice but sees no one. Hallucination? (0:10)

Eve's sister Maddie shoplifts a scarf and a garter belt, but she discards the latter. (0:12)

Eve hears a male voice laugh then imagines a man behind her. (0:18)

Renee tells Eve she's a "Psychiatrist." (0:21)

Eve yells into the phone, "This is insane."
Eve imagines Jail worker Trudy telling her, "Hysterical loud-mouth..." (0:33)

Maddie tells Eve, "This is insane." (0:34)

Young Edwina carves on her fingernails with a table knife. (0:39)

Renee tells Eve, "In my professional opinion you are a, uh, deeply compulsive, and a terribly neurotic, extremely codependent woman who more than likely loves too much..." (0:52)

Eve tells Renee, "Well, that's the problem with psychology." (0:53)

Attorney(?) Harry tells Eve in a telephone conversation, "... wife was sent to a shrink after a rash of shoplifting, diagnosed as a kleptomaniac..." (1:01)

Eve tells Edwina's aunt Annunciata, "I just don't have an addictive personality."
Annunciata: "Anal-compulsive problem?" (1:06)

Edwina appears to scratch her hand with scissors.
Emma asks Annunciata, "Archetypal?" (1:11)

Eve ask Maddie, "Are you in therapy?"
"Your behavior seems pretty self-destructive..." (1:14)

Eve: "What a stupid idiot I am." (1:26)

Eve finds Edwina cutting her leg with a razor blade. Maddie enters drunk. (1:28)

Looking in the mirror Eve sees an ugly face. (1:29)

Eve scratches her breast with a razor blade.
Maddie reads from a text to Eve, "Sexually kleptomaniacs are frigid... Female Sex Perversion: The Sexually Aberrated Woman As She Is... In other word, penis envy."
"My stealing stopped me from killing myself more than once." (1:30)

Eve, referring to her parents: "He pushed her down." She replays a childhood memory of her parents then awakens from a dream. (1:37)

Eve asks Edwina, "What were you cutting in your leg last night?" We see the word "LOVE" scratched on Edwina's leg.
Eve grabs Edwina, presumably to stop her from jumping from a rock. (1:46)

What about Maddie and Eve's family contributed to their problems as adults? to the strength we see in their relationship at the end? How might you help this family? Will Edwina's brief exposure to Eve help her survive, even thrive?

Compare to Myra Breckinridge.