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Fifty Pills

Lou Taylor Pucci, Kristen Bell, John Hensley, Nora Zehetner, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Monica Keena, Jane Lynch, Michael Peña
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | marijuana
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College student Darren’s answering machine: "Hi, I hate myself."
Darren’s roommate Coleman: ”Darren, you dumb sonofabitch, stop wallowing in self-pity, and wake up.”
Movie poster on Darren's wall: “The X-Files
”There are 50 pills of ecstasy and one of my pagers.”
Darren: ”I'm not a drug dealer... Are you crazy?” (0:00)

Sign on dorm room door: "Get wasted..." (0:07)

Darren's mother Lorraine tells Darren, "If it weren't for Mr. Red upstairs, I'd probably have lost my mind." (0:11)

Movie poster on dorm room wall: "Offspring" (0:14)

Lorraine tells Darren, "We saw Philadelphia." (0:18)

Darren: "So here I am... 50 pills of ecstasy..." (0:19)

His college student friend Gracie tells Darren, "Don't worry about it."
”Hey, don't worry about this stuff...” (0:20)

Eduardo tells his friends, "But he sells cocaine, okay?" (0:23)

Darren sells ecstasy to two girls. (0:26)

Eduardo tells his friends, "It was the coke, dude."
Friend: ”It's drug-dealing, you asshole.” (0:27)

An elderly woman tells Darren, "You're the young man with the ecstasy, aren't you?" (0:30)

Darren finds his customer, dominatrix Petunia, whipping subjects in bondage.
”I bind them... and only then I give them the ecstasy... It is the modern future of the sadomasochistic torture, if you ask me.” (0:32)

Darren: "Soul Man was... the biggest, baddest, blackest drug dealer you've ever seen in your life." (0:34)

By telephone, Gracie asks Darren, "Are you Darren, the ecstasy guy?"
”I saw Daniel in Liquid Sky just a few minutes ago.” (0:34)

Gracie tells Darren, referring to her room mate Michelle, "She's driving me up the wall."
Darren tells Michelle, ”Thanks, pothead.”
Michelle smokes a bong. (0:36)

Michelle's cousin Ralphie tells Darren, "Word is you got the e-bombs, right?"
”Ten is crazy. Ten is... absolutely crazy.”
Darren: ”You don't want to kill yourself.”
Ralphie washes down a pill with beer.
Ralphie: ”Child molestation?”
Ralphie takes another pill, then another. (0:39)

Michelle Charles Gracie, "You know, I heard that if you don't eat meat, it, like, intensifies your high." (0:49)

By telephone, his cousin Scott asks Darren, "You remember that stuff you brought out... the ecstasy?" (0:51)

Harold tells Lorraine, referring to Darren, "It sounds like our son is in denial." (0:52)

A man tells Petunia, "Peddling your dirty drugs in school." (0:53)

Scott tells Darren, "I wouldn't have called, but things just got crazy."
”There's like only one guy in the whole school who can hook up some X...” (0:54)

Jane tells the others, "Those guys are crazy." (1:04)

Coleman tells Marla, "Don't worry about it." (1:06)

A pimp asks Scott, "You need smoke?... drugs?"
Scott: ”I did the drugs.”
Pimp: ”You look like you did the drugs.” (1:07)

Coleman tells Eduardo and the others, referring to Darren, "I'll give you whatever ecstasy he has left."
Eduardo asks Coleman, ”Hey, so, with that E can I get some glow sticks, you know, so I can dance?”
Coleman tells Darren, ”I'm gonna need that E back.”
”Darren, I think it would be a good idea to give the drugs to the man who has a gun pointed at your... head...”
”Yeah, it’s drug-dealing.”
”You know, sometimes, people just need a little shock to the system to get ‘em to see what's important.” (1:10)