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Fill the Void

Hadas Yaron, Yiftach Klein, Irit Sheleg, Chayim Sharir, Razia Israeli, Hila Feldman, Renana Raz, Yael Tal, Michael David Weigl, Ido Samuel, Neta Moran, Melech Thal
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Esther tells her husband Yochay, “You’re drunk.” (0:08)

A man tells Esther’s father, Rabbi Aharon, referring to the man’s wife, “She’s mentally ill.” (0:09)

The family grieves the death of Esther. (0:13)

Aharon asks his friend Shtreicher, “How do I cope with the panic?” (0:18)

Their aunt Hanna tells Esther’s sister Shira, “You’re panicking.” (0:32)

Aharon tells Shtreicher, “It’s a madhouse.” (0:34)

Aharon tells his wife Rivka, “It’s crazy.”
Rivka: “I really am losing my mind.”
Aharon: “Lose your mind.” (0:34)

Yochay asks Shira, “What’s confusing you.”
Shira: “I’m not confused.”
Yochay: “Does it scare you to be confused?” (0:44)

Rivka faints. (1:07)

Shira tells Yochay, “You’re drunk.”
Self-pity.” (1:14)

Look for relationship triangles.