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The Film Critic

CastRafael Spregelburd, Dolores Fonzi, Blanca Lewin, Ignacio Rogers, Telma Crisanti, Ana Katz
Year released2015
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Blog entry

 Balding man at table: "He's nuts about the Italian..."

Film maker at a nearby table: "... the craziness..." (0:22)

Critic Victor listens to voice mail: "The top five kisses in cinema... the kiss on Christmas Eve in 'When Harry Met Sally.'”
"... the kiss in the snow in 'Bridget Jones'... at the end of ‘Green Card’...”
“'Frankie and Johnny.'" (0:25)

Real estate agent Nélida reads to Victor: "Sunset view: Since your divorce, sunrise depresses you..." (0:28)

Sofia asks Victor, "You're protected by the article of the depressed divorce?" (0:30)

A man in a restaurant quotes Victor: "Soporific would be an indulgent adjective to describe it." (0:30)

His boss, referring to his daughter, tells Victor, "Look, you made her nervous." (0:33)

His niece Ágatha tells Victor, "Don't stress yourself."
"But it's not like that in 'It's a Wonderful Life.'"
Victor: "I liked you more when you were mute." (0:34)

Victor tells Sofia, "Don't analyze me."
Sofia: “Not that I need it, but ever since then I take things from places. It's a compulsive thing."
Victor (to himself): "You could try a sleeping pill..."
Sofia: "Did someone leave a dark spot in your memory?" (0:47)

Sofia tells Victor, referring to a film character driving, "It makes me nervous when they look sideways..."
Victor: "That sounds like 'Amelie.'" (0:56)

Sofia tells Victor, "I have an obsession." (0:58)

Victor listens to a voice mail from attorney Gorodisch, referring to a character: "What are her obsessions?" (1:04)

Sofia cries then tells Victor, "I came here for my father's funeral." (1:05)

His friend asks Victor, referring to Sofia, "Does she have obsessions?"
"You're stressed."
"Try these pills. They calm you down..." (1:12)

Voice mail from Gorodisch: "The whole kleptomania thing works." (1:14)

Filmmaker Leandro tells Victor, "I became obsessed with you." (1:22)

Victor as narrator: "Nevertheless, we are obsessed by endings." (1:30)

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