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Finding Dory

CastEllen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Hayden Rolence, Ed O'Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Idris Elba, Dominic West, Bob Peterson, Torbin Bullock, Andrew Stanton, Bennett Dammann, Bill Hader, Kate
Year released2016
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#Dory practices with her parents: “I suffer from short-term memory loss.” (0:00)

Dory tells Stan and his wife, “I suffer from short-term remembery loss.”
Stan: “Short-term memory loss.” (0:04)

Students complete Dory’s sentence: “... short-term memory loss.”
A student asks Dory, “So how can you remember you have a family if you have short-term memory loss?” (0:10)

Dory: “I remember my family!”
Nemo’s father Marlin: “This is crazy.” (0:13)

Dory tells the young turtles, “I’m a bit new to the memory thing...” (0:16)

Marlin asks Dory, “Are you crazy?” (0:17)

Octopus Hank tells Dory, “... now don’t get hysterical.”
”It’s too crazy.”
Dory: ”I’m okay with crazy.”
”I suffer from short-term memory loss.” (0:22)

Dory tells Hank, “I’m just so nervous because I’m gonna meet my parents.”
Hank: ”... short-term memory loss.”
”And now your wacky memory’s gonna get us caught.” (0:27)

Beluga Bailey tells Dory and her long lost whale shark friend Destiny, “I hit my head very hard out there.” (0:32)

Her father Charlie tells Dory, “Don’t panic.” (0:34)

Marlin tells Nemo, “I think that we should devise an alternate plan, one that involves staying in the water and someone sane...”
Marlin: ”This is nuts. Why do I keep getting talked into insane choices?” (0:36)

Hank tells Dory, “If I had short-term memory loss I’d just swim off into the blue and forget everything.” (0:38)

Marlin tells Nemo, referring to loon Becky, ”She’s confused, Nemo...” (0:39)

Dory tells Hank, “I feel like my memory’s getting better...”
Hank: ”... your memory is not working.” (0:41)

Marlin tells Dory, “There was a crazy clam.”
Dory, “... I met this septopus... kind of cranky...”
Marlin: “Crazy things!” (0:57)

Dory, referring to her parents: “They’re dead?” (1:03)

Another sea lion asks sea lion Gerald, “Have you lost your marbles?” (1:14)

Jenny asks Dory, “... what if you get confused?... distracted?” (1:15)

Hank asks Dory, “Are you crazy?” (1:16)

Dory: “Hank, I’m gonna ask you to do something crazy.”
”I’m okay with crazy.” (1:21)

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