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Finding Fanny

Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Anjali Patil
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Widow Rosie calls a young man "Idiot."
"Bloody idiot." (0:06)

Angie tells Rosie, "You know, I read it's called narcolepsy." (0:07)

Memorial service for Savio's father. (0:12)

Postman Ferdie dreams of drowning himself. (0:19)

Rosie asks Angie, "Are you mad or what?" (0:21)

Ferdie tells Angie, "Then I drowned me in the dream." (0:22)

Savio asks Ferdie, "You're mad, or what?" (0:43)

Vladimir cries as he tells the others, "My wife is in Russia, long dead." (0:47)

Savio asks Ferdie, "But, wasn't there some big memorial, Rosalina the grieving widow, pregnant, husband buried at sea?" (0:51)

Rosie asks Ferdie, "Why don't you do the same for us, you idiot?" (0:56)

Rosie, referring to Savio: "Mad he's become, or what?" (0:57)

Savio tells Angie he is, "Getting that bloody idiot out of my system." (0:59)

Savio tells Angie, "Even I had to hold on to memories to stay sane."
Angie: "You've gone mad, or what, Savio?"
Savio: "So I've gone mad, huh... but a peck on the lips, and I've gone mad?" (1:03)

Don Pedro asks Ferdie, "Are you mad creeping up like this?"
Ferdie: "And also, I'm scared of snakes." (1:05)

Savio tells Angie, "I'm such an idiot."
Angie, referring to Rosie and Gabo, "... her son was so drunk that by the time he realized, it was halfway down his throat... Is your ego hurt?"
"Mad, or what?" (1:08)

Savio tells Angie, "Sorry for being such an idiot." (1:09)

Rosie asks the others, "Are you made? Have you all gone mad?" (1:21)

Rosie holds the muzzle of a pistol against her forehead, then in her mouth, but Savio stops her from shooting herself. Rosie tells Savio, "It's about your daddy, you idiot." (1:24)

Rosie asks Savio, "Are you mad?"
Savio: "You mad woman."
"Bloody two minutes back you wanted to kill yourself."
Rosie: "Idiot." (1:25)

A funeral procession stops the car. (1:28)

Ferdie realizes his beloved Fanny has died. (1:31)