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Finding Forrester

Sean Connery, Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, Busta Rhymes, April Grace, Michael Pitt, Michael Nouri, Richard Easton, Glenn Fitzgerald
cocaine | crack cocaine
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Teacher Ms. Joyce: “In 1845 Poe wrote... The Raven, a poem he wrote while he was strung out on coke and obsessed with death.”
Student, referring to "The Ravens”: “There’s a team obsessed with death...” (0:05)

One of student Jamal’s friends tells the others, referring to Shurrita: “You know that girl’s a crack ho.” (0:07)

Poster on principal Dr. Simon’s office wall: “Drugs Do You.” (0:24)

Jamal tells writer Forrester, “My mom got tired of waiting for my dad to get himself clean...” (0:28)

Forrester tells his Delivery Man Massie, “At least a half hour before the sun goes down, then you can begin your panic-driven quest back to Manhattan.” (0:49)

Forrester panics after he loses Jamal in the crowd. (1:23)

Forrester tells Jamal about the death of his brother, while driving under the influence, soon followed by the deaths of his parents. (1:27)

Crawford quotes Dickens to his class: “It is a melancholy truth...” (1:37)

Forrester reads about “Losing Family.” (1:59)

Attorney Steven tells Jamal, “We received word that William passed away.” (2:07)

His brother Terrell: “Jamal, this is crazy.” (2:08)