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Finding Your Feet

Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, David Hayman, Joanna Lumley, John Sessions, Josie Lawrence, Sian Thomas, Victoria Wicks, Indra Ové, Marianne Oldham
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Sandra tells her older sister Bif, "I know we weren't exactly on our honeymoon, but I just imagined his libido decline with age..." (0:10)

Bif tells Sandra, referring to Sandra's husband Mike, "Classic case of small man syndrome." (0:12)

Bif asks Sandra, "What did they charge you with, racial aggravation or drunk and disorderly?" (0:14)

Bif tells her friend Charlie, referring to Sandra, "She married a tosser, then became obsessed with keeping up with other tossers."
Bif shares a joint with Charlie. (0:18)

Bif tell Sandra, "I'm not surprised you’re having panic attacks, what with the stress of everything."
Sandra: ”Are you both high?”
”I can't believe you still smoke wacky baccy.”
Bif: ”There's really not that much difference between a bag of weed and a bag of pharmaceuticals.”
Sandra: ”There's a big difference between licensed medicines and prohibited drugs, Bif.”
Bif: ”You should try it for your anxiety.”
Sandra: ”My only anxiety is whether we make it back alive...”
Charlie: ”Well actually I was put on antidepressants a while back...”
Bif answers Sandra: ”The insults or the psychiatric evaluation?” (0:19)

Sandra tells Bif, "I'm getting disoriented." (0:28)

Charlie tell Sandra, "Look, I know this goes against every instinct, but it might help if you let me lead." (0:35)

Bif ask Sandra, "How can you expect to take control of your life when you're so obsessed with everyone else is?"
Sandra: ”I can think of easier ways to kill myself.” (0:39)

His wife Lilly, apparently suffering from dementia, fails to recognize Charlie. (0:43)

Sandra: "I know you think I'm mad, Bif..." (0:47)

Charlie tell Sandra, "I know how disorientating it can be when you find yourself on your own." (0:51)

Bif: "You look nervous, Ted."
” I'm not nervous.” (0:54)

Ted tells Bif, "We're in danger of sobering up." (0:57)

Charlie tells Sandra, "Well, you know, this country is obsessed with home ownership..." (0:58)

Bif tells Sandra, "We used to drive her mad squabbling over the glitter, didn't we?" (1:01)

The tow truck operator calls Charlie, "Maniac." (1:07)

By video call her daughter Nicola tells Sandra, "... and then she and dad got drunk on mulled wine..." (1:10)

Charlie tells Sandra, "I mean the pressure on conversation is insane." (1:11)

Charlie gives Bif a joint, and they share it with Sandra. (1:15)

Bif tells Sandra, "... by night, I was Audrey Hepburn looking for my own Roman Holiday."
Referring to her lover Gino: ”We were madly in love... He was killed in a stupid car crash.” (1:19)

Charlie tells Sandra, "Lilly’s in the advanced stage of Alzheimer's."
”She doesn't recognize me. She doesn't remember anything about our life together anymore.” (1:29)

Sandra grieves after finding Bif dead in her hotel bed. (1:31)

Memorial for Bif (1:32)

Her husband Mike tells Sandra, "I know I behaved like a complete idiot." (1:36)

Sandra reads a letter from Charlie: "Dear Sandra, I wanted to let you know that Lily has sadly passed away." (1:40)

Sandra: "I'm stone-cold sober, Mike." (1:43)