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A Fine Madness

Jackie Coogan, Sean Connery, Colleen Dewhurst, Joanne Woodward, Werner Peters, John Fiedler, Clive Revill, Kay Medford, Jean Seberg, Renée Taylor
Sigmund Freud
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Television talk show host Dave asks psychoanalyst Oliver West, M.D., "Can analysis really help the artist?"
Oliver: "Depends on the artist, depends on the analyst, of course."
"The blocked writer?"
"... more and more psychiatrists are dealing with only the middle of this spectrum."
Host: "The psychiatrist or the patient?"
Oliver: "From our point of view, from the psychiatrist."
"... it really must be largely intuitive."
"Now, see, from there, it isn't very far to becoming pill and serum dispensers. Now, see, I think that psychiatrists must move farther and farther towards the end of the spectrum."
"If we keep a neat little file of cerebral symptoms, motor symptoms, sensory symptoms, visceral symptoms..."
Oliver's daughter: "What's symptoms?"
"Oh, a symptom is something that..." (0:16)

Oliver's wife Lydia agrees sarcastically with her husband: "Hysterical."
Oliver: "You know, for a moment you sound like one of my patients."
"Darling, if there's anyone who doesn't need psychoanalysis, it's you."
Lydia tells psychiatrist Fred, "Oliver says I'm the one person who doesn't need analysis."
Fred: "Everybody needs psychoanalysis." (0:19)

The Women's League chairwoman tells her audience, "Hellebore, incidentally, is a medicinal herb which in ancient times was used to cure madness." (0:24)

Waitress Rhoda tells Oliver, referring to her poet roommate Samson, "Like you said, he's blocked."
"It can start... in the craziest places."
"I mean, a lot of writers kill themselves when they get like that." (0:35)

Rhoda tells Samson, referring to Oliver, "He's a psychiatrist."
Samson: "A psychiatrist?"
"You gave it to a psychiatrist? Why? Did somebody tell you a psychiatrist can cure stupidity?"
"You decided that I needed a psychiatrist?"
Neighbor Mrs. Fitzgerald, referring to Samson: "Lunatic!"
Mr. Fitzgerald tells Samson, "You're crazy. You're nuts." (0:40)

Oliver tells Samson, "Frankly, I didn't want you as patient."
"I mean what could psychiatry have done against the rages of Beethoven?"
Oliver reads Sampson's poetry: "To be sad is easier than going mad..."
"Your wife has told me about your moods. She's afraid you might kill yourself."
Samson: "The moment you stop, the moment you have one serious thought you're on the brink of suicide."
"If you can't interpret a simple dream I want my money back." (0:47)

Oliver's patient Leonard asks Samson, "Are you one of his patients?"
"I am not patient."
"My wife Evelyn, she's the patient."
Samson: "Suffers from mild hysteria?"
Samson plays back a Dictaphone recording of Oliver: "A patient admitted that she had recently committed adultery. It was this act which caused her hysteria and her coming to me."
"I asked the patient to have her husband come in."
Leonard: "She wants a psychiatrist, so I let her have a psychiatrist." (0:56)

Evelyn swoons when she sees Samson. (1:01)

Psychiatrist Menken tells the others, "There is another way of eliminating this catatonic state... The Menken transorbital prefrontal technique..."
He demonstrates by inserting an ice pick like instrument into the eyesocket of a human skull, pounding it with a hammer, then moving it from side to side. After removing it he pokes it into each frontal lobe of a plastic model of a brain.
Fred: "So I vote we let Dr. Menken leucotomize... patients."
Psychiatrist Vera asks Menken, "You want to use psychosurgery at Para Park?"
"I thought we had progressed beyond lobotomies."
Menken: "This is not the old-style lobotomy. How far have you progressed from your precious Sigmund?"
Fred: "Dr. Freud. He wasn't Sigmund to me, and he isn't Sigmund to you."
Oliver: "Whether you call it lobotomy, leucotomy, or the Menken technique the method is imprecise and always destroys brain tissue."
Vera: "But if you give these people a congenial environment then the stresses and strains of life will not affect them." (1:03)

Vera tells Samson, "On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will have a group therapy." (1:07)

Rhoda reads an agreement entitled "Consent for Operation."
Menken tells her, "No treatment can be given your husband unless Dr. West and his fellow specialists approve." (1:09)

Vera massages and kisses Samson. Boundary violation? (1:10)

Orderly Arnold asks Oliver, "You know the group therapy meetings?" (1:12)

Sign: "Hydrotherapy"
Vera tells Oliver, "You might look in the hydrotherapy room." (1:14)

Fred tells the other psychiatrists, "Happiness is not a psychiatric term."
Vera, referring to Samson: "He's identifying."
"But he's responding to treatment." (1:18)

Fred tells Lydia, "It wasn't so long ago you were begging me to analyze you." (1:31)

Menken tells Lydia, "If I knew you were interested in psychosurgery I would have invited you."
Nurse referring to Samson: "Dr. Menken, Mr. Shillitoe is coming out of anesthetic."
Menken tells a colleague he finds it moving "to have changed a destructive antisocial creature into a responsible citizen."
Samson babbles incoherently." (1:34)

Lydia tells Samson, "You're out of your mind." (1:40)