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The Fire Within

Maurice Ronet, Léna Skerla, Yvonne Clech, Hubert Deschamps, Jean-Paul Moulinot, Mona Dol, Pierre Moncorbier, René Dupuy, Bernard Tiphaine, Bernard Noël,Ursula Kubler, Jeanne Moreau, Alain Mottet, François Gragnon, Romain Bouteille
ethyl alcohol | F Scott Fitzgerald
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Playboy Alain, referring to Lydia: “Was it her contented rage that swelled her back and belly?” (0:02)

Lydia tells Alain, “Otherwise you get depressed and act foolishly.”
Alain: ”When I get depressed I do foolish things.” (0:09)

Lydia asks Alain, “Without a drop of liquor?” (0:11)

Alain tells Dr. La Barbinais, “If I leave I’ll start drinking sooner or later.”
”You still have feelings of anxiety?”
”It’s not feelings of anxiety, doctor. It’s a single feeling of constant anxiety.” (0:29)

Alain: “Tomorrow I kill myself.” (0:35)

Alain tells two truckers, “I don't drink.” (0:42)

Alain tells bartender Charlie, “I don’t drink anymore.”
Charlie: “I always said you drank too much.”
”And depression, too.” (0:50)

His friend Dubourg tells Alain, referring to New York, “It’s like a crazy whirlpool.”
Dubourg’s wife Fanny: “It’s intoxicating. People disappear into the city like drug addicts.”
Alain: “For treatment.” (0:54)

Dubourg tells Alain, “They’re addicted to action.”
”Hence your anxiety.”
Alain: ”Alcohol was in my blood before I realized it.” (0:58)

Painter Eva tells Alain, referring to their friends, “So they run around like mad... or they kill themselves.” (1:07)

Alain’s friend Urcel: “Detoxification. A strange thing. Why do we pretend to go into detox, dear God?”
Eva tells Urcel, “You went into detox because you were afraid of dying.”
Urcel: “We poets have no need for drugs to attain the borderline between life and death. What brought me back to drugs, in fact, was the love of risk in our blood.”
Alain: “Where do you find...the madness in all this?. Drugs are life... Some addicts live to be 70.”
Urcel: ”He may be unhappy, but he won’t kill himself.” (1:09)

Alain asks his friend Jérôme, “Are you crazy?”
Jérôme’s brother François, referring to Alain: “A bit of a drunk.”
Jérôme “When it’s all over we’ll go on a binge...” (1:13)

Alain relapses with a drink. (1:15)

Man in restaurant: “What a madhouse!”
”We told Coppi, the cyclist, his girl had killed herself.”
”Once he hijacked an American Express tourist bus and gave them a tour of the Ritz while talking about Scott Fitzgerald.”
Another man: ”Alcohol”
First man: ”It drove the cops nuts.” (1:18)

Alain tells his friend Cyrille, “I fainted in the street.” (1:20)

Alain’s friend Maria tells Cyrille’s wife Solange, “The first drink after detox makes you very sick.” (1:22)

Cyrille tells the diners a story about Alain: “One day... a policeman finds, sleeping the sleep of the dead drunk, a young man lying on the tomb of the unknown soldier.” (1:26)

Cyrille tells Maria, referring to another guest, “Brancion doesn’t like drunks.” (1:27)

Marie tells Solange, “Your husband’s crazy, giving Alain a drink.” (1:30)

Brancion tells Alain, “Forgive me. I never get drunk, and I hate stories about drunks.”
Alain: “I’m a poor drunkard... We drunks are poor cousins, and we know it. ” (1:32)

Alain holds the muzzle of his pistol to his chest and pulls the trigger.
Text: “I’m killing myself because you didn’t love me, because I didn’t love you. Because our ties were loose I’m killing myself to tighten them. I leave you with an indelible stain.” (1:47)