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Firelight (1997)

Sophie Marceau, Stephen Dillane, Dominique Belcourt, Kevin Anderson, Lia Williams, Joss Ackland,Sally Dexter, Emma Amos, Maggie McCarthy, Wolf Kahler, Annabel Giles, John Flanagan, Valerie Minifie,Diana Payan, John Hodgkinson
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Landowner Charles tells his friend, sheep breeder John, “This breeding business can become something of an obsession.” (0:30)

Charles and governess Elisabeth’s daughter Louisa tells Elisabeth, “I’ll drown myself in the lake.” (0:44)

Elisabeth tells Louisa, referring to Elisabeth’s mother, “She died just after I was born.” (0:58)

Charles’ father Lord Jimmy Clare tells Charles, referring to the manor house, “The moment I walk in I want to kill myself.” (1:05)

Louisa walks onto the ice then breaks through. Suicide attempt? (1:14)

Amy has died. (1:24)

Funeral service in cemetery. (1:28)