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The First Beautiful Thing

Valerio Mastandrea, Micaela Ramazzotti, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudia Pandolfi, Marco Messeri, Fabrizia Sacchi, Aurora Frasca, Giacomo Bibbiani, Paolo Ruffini, Giulia Burgalassi
codeine | Bromocodeina | ethyl alcohol | methadone | morphine
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The master of ceremonies asks Anna, “Are you nervous?” (0:04)

Sandra tells her teacher boyfriend Bruno, “You look crazy.”
“You spent your birthday at the park, like a regular junkie!”
Bruno: “An occasional user.”
Sandra: “He’s insane, totally insane.” (0:09)

Bruno’s sister Valeria asks her son Aldo, “Are you nuts?” (0:11)

Valeria tells Bruno, referring to their mother Anna, “They’ve stopped giving her chemo, it’s pointless, just painkillers.” (0:12)

Her husband Mario rages at Anna. (0:16)

Anna’s sister Leda tells Anna, “You’re crazy...”
Anna, referring to Mario: ”He went nuts...”
Leda: ”You probably drove him nuts.” (0:18)

Bruno asks Valeria and their mother’s doctor Cerrai, “Isn’t she always sedated?”
Cerrai: “We give her strong opioids... I know I’m an idiot for smoking...”
Bruno, “Are there any prescription drugs to fill that sense of emptiness and sadness? Something like these opioids...” (0:26)

A domestic calls the other kitchen staff “Idiots.” (0:30)

Valeria’s son Sergio tells Bruno, “No worries, Uncle Bruno, we’re against drugs.” (0:32)

Bruno asks Anna’s landlord Loriano, “Do you have any sleeping pills?”
”How about some alcohol?” (0:36)

Bruno asks Valeria, “Are you nuts?” (0:38)

Valeria tells Bruno, referring to Luciano, “My boss, a total idiot.” (0:39)

A nurse tells Loriano and Valeria, referring to Anna, “She took a few extra painkillers and woke up early this morning.”
Valeria: “She’s nuts.”(0:40)

Film director: “Hey what’s-your-face, quit being an idiot.” (0:45)

Bruno tells Anna, “You’re nuts.” (0:58)

Mario in an open casket. Anna’s sister, referring to Anna: “Is she nuts?” (1:13)

Bruno tells the pharmacist, “I need some Benzetril drops and Bromocodeina cough syrup.”
Pharmacist: “You’ll need a prescription for the rest.”
Pharmacist: “Only junkies in withdrawal ask for Bromucodeina and Benzetril.”
Bruno: “Do I look like a junkie?”
Pharmacist: “Try another pharmacy, or go to the methadone clinic.” (1:21)

Elena tells Bruno, referring to her boyfriend Andrea, “He’s obsessed.”
Bruno: “Giacomelli’s an idiot.”
”You’re nuts.” (1:25)

Boy in locker room, referring to Anna: “Excuse my Latin, but she’s a real nympho slut.” (1:27)

Elena tells Andrea, referring to Bruno, “He’s crazy.” (1:28)

Anna asks Bruno, “Who is this idiot?”
Bruno: “You’re a... nympho.” (1:28)

Bruno tells Anna, “No, the doctor said not to overdo the morphine.”
Valeria asks Bruno, ”Are you nuts? Are you high?”
”It’s true, I was a little slow as a kid, but why did you treat me like an idiot?” (1:31)

tells Bruno, referring to Mario, “I was crazy about him...” (1:37)

Valeria tells Bruno, “And idiotic.” (1:38)

Valeria asks Bruno, “What are you saying, you loon?” (1:40)

Anna’s son Cristiano tells his receptionist Tiziana, “People are insane.” (1:40)

Loriano asks Giancarlo, “What’ll we do now, idiots.” (1:41)

Giancarlo tells Deputy Mayor Caciagli, referring to Loriano, “He’s nervous.” (1:42)

Loriano tells Bruno, “I had to up the sedative.” (1:49)

Anna tells Valeria and Bruno, referring to Mario, “That damn photo drove him crazy, poor thing.” (1:52)

All grieve after Anna dies. (1:54)

Anna’s crypt below Leda’s in the mausoleum. (1:56)