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First Knight

CastSean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, Ben Cross
Year released1995
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Title: "... And then there was Lancelot, a wanderer who had never dreamed of peace or justice or knighthood." (0:01)

Swordsman Mark tells Lancelot, "Don’t you worry about that." (0:03)

Guinevere tells Mark, "Don’t worry..." (0:11)

Oswald tells Guinevere, "I’m so proud to hold you in my arms at the hour of your birth. I shall be prouder still to see you wed." (0:13?)

Guinevere tells Lancelot, "You may find this childish arrogance impresses servant girls." (0:26)

Guinevere tells Arthur, "Milord honors me with his kindness." (0:31)

Announcer: "Give your support to this brave young man." 
The announcer tells Lancelot, ”Not like that, idiot.” (0:38)

Arthur tells Lancelot, "I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a display of courage, skill, nerve, grace and stupidity." (0:45)

Arthur addresses the Round Table: "May God grant us the wisdom to discover the right..." 
Prince Malagant tells Guinevere, ”Since your honored father’s death, your land has been more lawless by the day.” 
”The great Arthur, and his great dream. No dream lasts forever” (0:53)

Malagant strikes Ralf in the face. (1:03)

Guinevere tells Lancelot, "You battle in your dreams." 
Lancelot recalls the losses of his mother and others. (1:13)

Guinevere tells Arthur, referring to Lancelot, "... in that freedom and solitude is his strength..." (1:22)

Arthur asks Guinevere, referring to Lancelot, ‘Have you given yourself to him?“
"Do you love him?" 
”When a woman loves two men, she must choose between them.” 
”Any more of his innocence, and I’ll go mad... Only fools dream of the one thing they can’t have.” 
”I dreamed a dream of you. It was a sweet dream, while it lasted.” (1:46)

Arthur: "May God grant us the wisdom to discover the right..." (1:51)

Malagant, referring to Arthur: "... He’s a man waking up from a dream..." 
”... freedom from Arthur’s tyrannical dream...” 
”... Too proud, Arthur?...” 
Arhur: ”I have no pride left in me.” 
Battle with head injuries. (1:56)

Arthur dies with Guinevere and Lancelot at his side. (2:06)

Arthur’s body on a funeral pyre raft, set aflame with a burning arrow, floats out to sea. (2:06)

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