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First Reformed

Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, Cedric the Entertainer, Philip Ettinger, Michael Gaston, Victoria Hill, Van Hansis
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Pastor Ernst Toller tells parishioner Mary Mensana, "They have a whole team of counselors over there..." (0:06)

Toller: "Did Jesus worry about being liked?" (0:07)

Toller asks Mary's husband Michael, "Do you have thoughts of harming yourself?"
”I'm not worried for myself.” (0:13)

Toller tells Michael, referring to Toller's son, "Six months later he was dead in Iraq." (0:18)

Church graveyard (0:23)

Toller tells Reverend Joel Jeffers, "... I'm a little worried about seating." (0:28)

Toller lifts a gravestone. (0:33)

Mary tells Toller, "It's a suicide vest." (0:35)

Toller finds Michael dead after apparent gunshot to the head. (0:40)

By telephone, Toller tells someone, referring to Michael, "I mean, he had been fighting with depression." (0:41)

Toller leads a service for Mary to spread Michael’s ashes. (0:52)

Toller: "The man who says nothing always seems more intelligent." (0:58)

His doctor tells Toller, "It's an outpatient procedure, local anesthetic."
”I'm going to call in a prescription to help with stomach pain...” (1:09)

Jeffers: "We tend to think that anxiety and worry are simply an indication of how wise we are... Our Lord never worried and was never anxious..." (1:11)

Church worker Esther tells Toller, "I'm worried about you." (1:12)

Toller cleans up the graveyard.
Toller, referring to pages in his journal: ”They were written in delirium.” (1:16)

Mary tells Toller, referring to herself and Michael, "We would, uh, share a joint, and lay on top of each other fully clothed." (1:20)

Jeffers tells Toller, "Once we get through the reconsecration service, you, you need to go to rehab." (1:37)